Direct Capital: AppExchange for Salesforce

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Are you an avid Salesforce user? Is this something that you utilize with your business? If you answered yes to any of these, then we have a product that you need for your toolkit.

If your business lives and breathes Salesforce, you can now stay in your environment and still utilize Direct Capital’s state of the art LendEdge financing platform. With this platform you are able to seamlessly submit and track equipment lease applications on behalf of your small business customers.  Just login to your Salesforce account and send applications directly from your SF opportunities.

Through our custom Visualforce component, configurations are performed wherein credentials can be set, relevant data fields mapped, network settings applied and so on. We keep it simple and streamline the configuration process. After setup is complete, authorized users are immediately able to submit financing applications into Direct Capital’s LendEdge system and then track their stats all from within Salesforce!

Download it today to see how we’ve simplified the lending process for vendors like you. And if you like what you see (or have suggestions!) leave a comment, or visit us on Twitter.