Cutting Back, Clouds And Buckets: A Great Small Biz News Roundup

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Once a week, PointBlank will deliver a roundup of small business news and advice from around the nation.

Small Biz Cutting Payroll

You never want to hear this kind of news, especially a mere week after I reported that small business hiring is not gaining traction. Yet here we are.

The latest National Federation of Independent Business report finds that not only are small businesses not hiring, but an increasing number are considering paring back payroll. The problem is that while big businesses are starting to see the promised post-recession economic growth, small businesses by and large are not.

This raises the specter of the bottom falling out of this economy, which is a perpetual concern for me. But on a more microscopic level, it threatens the existence of many small businesses if they feel they can’t get working capital,* can’t keep their employees and can’t make enough money. A reversal of fortunes is badly needed.

Microsoft Ponying Up To Help Small Biz With Cloud

I’ve done some writing about the importance of cloud computing for small businesses, with its potentially low cost potential and its relative security compared to having physical servers at your office. Microsoft is flexing its considerable muscle to convince businesses of the exact same thing.

There’s a broadcast on Saturday, July 2 at 4 p.m., of a discussion about this very topic. Saturdays aren’t ideal times to watch this sort of thing, I’ll acknowledge, but cloud computing is going to rapidly become a force of nature for small businesses. Don’t be left behind.

A Small Business Bucket List

What do you want to over the life of your small business? If you’ve ever thought of coming up with your own business bucket list, you need to check out the new BizEngine post on that very topic.

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