Why Customer Satisfaction Surveys Matter

Customer Satisfaction Survey
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Customers either love you or they hate you. Do you know what the good people of your business’s town think of your shop?

If the answer is no, you’re probably not surveying your customers. It’s remarkably easy to draw up a simple five question survey about your customer’s experiences that you can ask them to fill out on their way out the door, call them about or give them to fill out online. The answers you get will tell you where you excel and where you improve in a way you and your employees cannot figure out on your own.

Why? Simple bias. You spend a ton of time working on improving your customer relations, so you have a natural tendency to see improvements even when the customers themselves may not see the benefits. Without the feedback, you’re existing in an echo chamber, content to assume that your own observations are the correct ones.

It can be jarring to hear the bad from customers, but if you want to make your business as good as it possibly can be, you’ve got to listen. Customers notice the dirty shelf you’ve gotten used to, the employee who never seems to be around when they need help and when a product they really want is out of stock. A simple survey with a couple of open-ended questions about their experience can suss that out for you.

There will always be outliers in these surveys, whether it be someone who puts down all fives or all ones, and you should keep that in mind too. It’s the average that you should care most about it, because it will paint you a general picture. From there, you can work on keeping the 5’s happy and getting the 1’s to come around.

Do you use customer satisfaction surveys at your business?

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