Construction Equipment Leasing

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No matter where your construction business calls home, we understand that unpredictable and harsh weather can affect your business. In New England, it’s always changing. In the Midwest, you may have to stop working due to tornado warnings. And in the South, the hot sun may hinder your ability to work effectively.

But despite all of that, you push through. You determine the best time to start your construction jobs and work through the season. Here in New England, we know our best time is right now – mid-June through the summer. We also understand our clientele spreads far and wide throughout the country and that you may have been doing construction jobs in January and February.

That’s why this post pertains to everyone. So whether you are just starting for the year or have never stopped, you may just need new construction equipment to make it the most successful season yet. With Direct Capital, accessing that new equipment has never been easier.

What Can You Finance?

Direct Capital has been doing this for over 20 years – and have helped more than 70,000 small businesses see success. We hope that your construction business is next.

We make it easy for you to get what you need when you need it by offering financing options for all the construction equipment you can think of. This includes:

Click on any one of the above to discover what your options are for financing the equipment because we like to make it easy!

Why do we finance the equipment at all? Why not just buy it outright? Leasing gives you the opportunity to use the equipment to drive in revenue while you are still paying it off. This becomes even more important to seasonal construction businesses that may not have the cash on hand right away. Don’t tie up your cash reserves on one piece of construction equipment – finance it so you can budget properly while improving your business.

Direct Capital has rates, terms, and pay back options that fit within your budget. It’s easy! Simply pick up the phone and have a conversation with one of our dedicated client services managers. Explain to them your business needs and challenges and they will find a package that works for you.

To get in contact with our team, call 866-777-0117 or click on the banner below!

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