Business On the Go? Upgrade to Mobile POS

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Keep Transactions Quick and Easy With Mobile POS

Life moves quickly, so it’s no surprise your business does too.

Many businesses rely on making service calls to bring in revenue – plumbers, electricians, insurance agents, landscapers, automotive repair and towing companies, to name a few. Imagine how easy their life must be if they use a mobile POS system when collecting on an invoice, as opposed to other methods like a check – or calling into their office to run a credit card through.

Here’s an example: Picture yourself broken down, in need of a tow truck. When you ask about using a credit card to pay, they say sure and start dialing a phone number. The gentleman calls into his office to run your card through. This entire process takes five minutes – as you stand out in the cold sans jacket.

Now, imagine if that tow truck company was using a mobile POS system. The payment process could have been sped up to all of 30 seconds. Mobile POS systems make payments easier – and help you plan ahead when making that service call. Keep in mind: In today’s world, the average person carries less than $20 in cash per day. If you only accept cash, you’ll lose them.

If your employees use iPads when out in the field, adding a mobile POS system has never been easier. With options like Shopify, you can run your entire business from one platform – keeping track of inventory, tracking sales, accepting payments, and more.

And the best part? You can use it whether you are in the office, in the field, or anywhere in between.

5 Reasons to Go Mobile

Besides the ability to accept credit cards anytime anywhere, here are 5 other reasons you should invest in a mobile POS system today:

  1. Check on Your Business from the Road: If you are making a service call or are on a business trip, no worries. A mobile POS system’s inventory checker tracks how sales are going back home. These systems often interact and sync with the ones you have at your main location so you can always keep tabs on how well your home office is performing.
  2. Reduce Human Error: No one’s perfect. It would have been easy, going back to the original example, for the tow truck driver to get your card numbers wrong or for the clerk back in the office to type in the wrong payment amount. For your business, typing in inventory manually may cause errors. Did 10 items end up being 100? Mobile POS systems can help eliminate the chance for error using a portable bar code scanner to track everything accurately.
  3. Cut Down Line Time: Have you ever been into an Apple store? (Come on, who hasn’t?) Apple employees are given phones with payment capabilities (POS systems) built in so they can easily assist you if you decide to purchase something. Mobile POS systems can do the same for your business – no matter how busy you are. If your customers are ready to buy, allow them to buy right then without waiting in line.
  4. Email Receipts: Trying to cut costs? Want to be more environmentally friendly? Looking to gather additional customer information? All are good reasons to start emailing receipts. Plus, according to, more and more customers are asking retailers to provide paper-free receipts. Lucky for you, mobile POS systems make this possible and easy.
  5. Free up Floor Space: If you plan on making mobile POS systems part of your plan for 2015, then you may be able to completely do away with clunky cash registers. This, then, frees up space for you to utilize in other ways, like selling more product.

Paying for Your Mobile POS System

Whether you are in the early stages of considering mobile POS, or you are ready to do a complete overhaul, the technology is going to cost money. Since these systems may not have been accounted for in your 2015 budget prior to reading this article, you may not have the cash to give up front for them. But, not to worry – Direct Capital can help.

Direct Capital works hard to ensure businesses like yours get the financing they need to grow or improve. In this case, you need a mobile POS system and we want to make sure you get it.

We finance POS systems through equipment leasing loans, but you also have a working capital – or small business loan – option. With working capital, you can use the money to buy new technology, remodel your business when the cash registers are gone, or even hire someone to train your staff on the new technology. Your options are endless when you finance with us.

If your business is constantly on the go, then it’s time to get out of the Stone Age. Invest in Mobile POS technology today, and contact Direct Capital to get the financing you need to get started!