Why You Should Know Your Customers Better

Business Customer Interaction
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At the end of the day, you can look at your customers as living, breathing human beings or walking wallets. Guess which one I’m going to advise you to do.

The importance of getting to know your customers goes far beyond sales. Customers who know you are more likely to return to your shop, are more likely to help your business out during the rough times and feel as though they are valued customers. That leads to more dollars flowing in, yes, but it also leads to a level of trust that will serve you well down the line. Let me give you an example.

One of the best parts of my job is interacting directly with Direct Capital customers. On one hand, it’s great to hear from happy businesses about how they have been able to use financing, but it’s also really interesting for me to hear about how their business is faring.

Now, when I talk to one of these businesses, I’m putting together a customer highlight for them. That leads to a little free publicity for the business, lets other prospective customers of both our companies know what we’re all about and opens up another line of communication between Direct Capital and one of the small businesses we work with. Ultimately, everybody wins, and suddenly both businesses feel a little more human.

So I strongly urge you to apply that philosophy to your everyday business dealings. Ask an extra question or two about how a customer is doing, or if you know them, how things are going at home. You may have to spend an extra five minutes locked into a conversation that’s not about your product, but the goodwill it engenders is worth shaving a little time off of your pitch.

How do you make an effort to get to know your customers?

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