Your Customers Should Tell Your Business Story For You

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Customers are the most effective advocates for your brand. No paid actor or in-house marketing whiz is as good at convincing potential customers to become real customers than someone who loves what you do.

Too many small businesses overlook this. They think that their smiling face or an actor can convey what customers can’t, but that’s simply not true. The authenticity and the power of the words coming from a customer are much greater than one of your employees, almost invariably.

Here’s why a customer is the best advocate.

  1. Customers have no hidden agenda. It’s easy to be skeptical of someone from inside the company touting your products. Customers are on board because they love your company, and that kind of enthusiasm is infectious.
  2. Customers don’t have an entire marketing, advertising or PR team writing for them, so everything they say will sound more organic even if they’ve rehearsed it.
  3. Customers can spread the word outside of advertising, in word-of-mouth to other potential prospects. Their word likely has a lot of weight with friends and family, and it’s difficult for you to match that.

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