Why Charitable Donations Are Such A Boost For Business

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Sometimes, it’s easy to spend so much time concentrating on your product, your workers and your customers that you forget about the larger world outside your office doors.

Everywhere you look at any time of year, there’s a need for business charity donations and help for non-profits. Whether it’s helping battered women, rallying around those suffering from terminal illnesses or simply helping those who are down on their luck, there are literally thousands upon thousands of worthy causes out there. I firmly believe that your business should support at least one charity.

We’re not big believers in horn-tooting here, so I’ll just say that Direct Capital is involved in quite a few charitable causes. The involvement includes donations, volunteering and sponsoring events, and all three are extremely rewarding. While your business may make a difference every day for customers, it’s a great feeling to make a difference for the larger world outside your windows.

Ultimately, you can accomplish a lot with a relatively modest amount of money and time.

Want a few good reasons to do it? We’ve got you covered.

The Advantages of Charity

  • You’re making a difference. That’s the single most important thing. If you can improve the lives of others, why not do it?
  • It’s great publicity. You don’t want to overdo it, but being able to attach your name to great causes builds trust in your community. People will view you as a trustworthy company with a heart, and we could all use that.
  • It gives employees a better view of their company and makes them feel good. It certainly makes the lean times seem a little less lean when you’re sending employees out to help build houses or serve soup at a local shelter. Giving employees a day off every couple of months to spend time working on a cause they’re passionate about is a good way to  get them energized.

One Word of Caution

Always research the charities you’re donating to before you commit your time and money. This is an excellent read about the number of breast cancer “charities” who are only charities in the loosest sense of the word.

How do you donate your time, money and energy to charity?

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