Business Blogging Fast Facts

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We don’t mean to add more to your plate, but have you considered blogging for your business website?

At Direct Capital, we like to blog so that our customers and other business owners will have positive takeaways from each post, whether it’s about business tips, financing advice, or marketing ideas. Our customers come from many different industries across the country and we want to make sure we give everyone the content they need to be successful in business.

For you, it’s important to blog to provide your customers and target audience with insight. But, business blogging has more benefits than meet the eye.

Why You Should Start Blogging Today

  1. Bloggers get 128% more leads and 55% more visitors: When you prove to readers of your blog that you’re an industry expert – that you are there to help their business grow – they’ll trust you enough to become your next customer.
  2. According to 1/3 of today’s marketers, blogs are the most valuable type of content: By giving your customers something they want and need, you’re providing value.
  3. Blogs with 21-54 posts can boost traffic by 30%: We know that if you’re new to the blogosphere you probably won’t write that many off the bat. However, by writing one or two posts a week, eventually your blog will reach that level and will increase traffic. And don’t forget – increasing traffic increases the chances viewers will convert.
  4. 23% of time on the internet is spent on blogs and social media: If you aren’t in the blogging universe, your website could be overlooked.
  5. Blogs can help you sell: There’s a rule that says 80% of what you blog about should be helpful content and 20% should be product promotion. Our advice? Definitely follow this rule and don’t forget to throw in a product post here and there. With that 80% helpful advice, you’re building trust so when customers do read about your products and services they will be more likely to give them a shot.
  6. Blogs speak for your brand: When writing posts, keep in mind that you are the voice of your brand and your blog is the medium in which customers access it. Word travels, but things on the web travel faster. By promoting a positive brand image on your blog, you’re setting yourself up for success.
  7. Blogging is cost effective: No, blogs aren’t going to sell as much as your sales team but they are another outlet where you can find new customers (and where new customers can find you!). And the best part is blogging won’t cost you anything other than the salary of hiring a dedicated blogger. If you decide you want to be the sole business writer, then you’re not spending anything!
  8. The audience is huge: There are over 345 million people that consider themselves “blog readers.” If your blog isn’t out there, they can’t read it and they can’t learn from you. It might be a big world out there, but if you’re blogging about the right stuff, the audience will find you.

We gave you a lot of facts to consider – and we know thinking of taking on another task might overwhelm you – but it’s worth it. In the long run, blogging can help make your business even more successful and create customers for life.

If you need help accessing capital to bring on a full-time blogger, Direct Capital can help. Learn more about how we help small businesses like yours by visiting our website (or blog!) today!

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