Burger Time In A September 28 Franchise News Roundup

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Once a week, we bring the franchise thunder. Here it is!

Smaller Burger Chains Grow Up

At some point, if you’re counting the money at Wendy’s, McDonald’s and Burger King, you’re going to realize with some dismay that there’s nowhere to go but down.

The Burger Three have dominated the landscape for so long that there’s basically no more expansion, especially in the United States. Sure, you can pop a new location in a few mid-sized cities or large towns across America and reap a few extra sales dollars. But the big, transformational opportunities for expansion are gone. It’s change your menu, aggressively promote and reap the benefits of a down economy, basically.

Yet if you’re a part of a small burger franchise, this is your time. Five Guys saw booming 16.4 percent sales growth in the last year, largely thanks to the fact that their cheeseburger are so delicious they’ll put you in a flavor coma. The entire industry grew only 1.6 percent, which is an indictment of the big guys. In n’ Out and Hardee’s, which are well-known but have smaller market shares, also grew more than that.

If you’ve ever wanted to launch a burger sandwiched between two pizzas and take it global…well, the present looks okay. If you know how to start a small business, you could go ahead and get financing. I’ll say that.

Where’s The Beef With A Popular Slogan?

I was just a newborn babe when Wendy’s launched its wildly popular “Where’s The Beef?” ads, featuring a quavering Clara Peller bemoaning fast food burgers the world over. While it had a short shelf life, it was perhaps Wendy’s best promotion ever, not counting the combined genial rumblings of Dave Thomas over the years.

Proving that all things are cyclical and I need to invest in a pair of bell bottoms, Wendy’s is re-booting the advertising campaign for a new audience. This time around, the New York Times writes that the question will be answered by the launch of new burgers. As it should be.

I don’t claim to know how effective this is going to be the second time around, especially since Clara Peller isn’t around to reprise her role. But I do know that if you’re going to launch a new product, it’s wise to ground it in something familiar. A better burger with a beloved ad campaign? That’s a smart move for Wendy’s.

No word as of press time on whether Domino’s would be bringing back The Noid, sadly.

A Small World Of Small Business Advertising

This post is applicable to your advertising. As a franchise you’ve probably got the name recognition, but you still need to win over local customers. The key is to think smaller.

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