Bringing Back Business Momentum After A Holiday

Business advice in the summer
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It’s not always easy to get your business revved back up after a holiday, especially when that holiday falls during the work week.

For most of us, the Fourth of July was a quiet day off, a chance to grill, watch fireworks and relax for a few. Now you’ve got to take what was likely a slow first week of July and get some momentum going, something Direct Capital calls “big mo.” How will you do that?

The answer, as always, depends on your business. The important thing is that you gear up your marketing and advertising to create a hook, a way to remind everyone that you’re open, your business is an exciting place to be and there’s no time like now to get there. If you’re not at the front of your customers’ minds, the summer’s beautiful weather and myriad distractions can make life tough for you.

So how to handle that? Any number of ways, really. You can hold a blowout sale at your small business, pulling in new customers and enticing old ones. You can simply remind everyone by radio, television or flyer how essential your business is and how great your regular prices are. Or you can launch that new product you’ve been waiting to roll out. The choice is yours.

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How are you gearing up for summer success?

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