Big Tex Trailers Finds Success With Direct Capital Partnership

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Jim Leader has a fitting name.

Big Tex is the nation’s largest trailer dealer, with every trailer made here in America. Jim Leader is the general manager for Big Tex in Tucson, Arizona, and he sits down and works directly with customers six days a week. Big Tex supplies the valuable name recognition and the top notch product, and Leader provides the shoe leather.

“I’m in the trenches, doing the selling,” he said.

As one of the top performing general managers for Big Tex, Leader is always looking for tools to help him reach new heights and better serve his customers. So when the company held a conference call with Direct Capital, he listened intently for a few minutes and quickly saw the advantage of offering consumer financing to his customers.

“This is the holy grail of financing. I knew what I was looking at,” Leader said.

It has been only about three months, but Leader’s partnership with Direct Capital and Finance Manager Damian Tacito has produced results.

The key, Leader said, has been Direct Capital’s willingness to take a closer look at customers who do not have pristine credit, something most banks flatly refuse to do. Leader said there few lenders willing to work with those looking for trailers in his area, making his connection with Tacito invaluable.

Tacito said the partnership has worked well.

“Working with Jim has been a pleasure. He is fast, efficient, and brings a lot of energy to the table. Jim’s work ethic leads to every deal getting done. With Jim leader it’s all hustle, no hassle,” Tacito said.

The Big Tex general manager agreed, saying he and Tacito share an attitude of “let’s get it done, and let’s get it done yesterday,” Leader has been able to get customers quickly approved. That means even customers who were coming in just to explore the possibility of getting a Big Text trailer down the line have driven off the lot happily in their new vehicles. Being able to offer solutions to customers who might be hesitant, or have less than perfect credit, has helped him close many sales that otherwise might have been impossible.

That’s enabled him to work with customers like Vernon Armstrong of Conduit Express, who recently worked alongside Direct Capital and Big Tex to purchase trailers for their business. We’ll tell his story next week, but he’s one of many examples.

“With the cash programs that are available to small businesses, it’s the holy grail. Whatever they want to use the money for, there’s no place that has this, this is exclusively Big Tex,” he said. “Now the possibilities seem endless. I believe this is going to add a million dollars in sales for my store this year.”

Leader says he will continue to burn the midnight oil, to work with customers and work with Tacito to ensure the financing is available. As Big Tex continues to grow and Leader’s business with it, it’s evident he’s ready for a long stint in the driver’s seat.

“Working at Big Tex Trailers has been a privilege. It is a great company, and I truly love what I do,” he said.  Direct Capital is happy to be a part of it.


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