Best Payroll Software for Small Businesses: 50 Top Software Tools, Apps and Payroll Solutions for SMBs

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With everything you have to do to run, manage, and grow your small business, the last thing you should spend hours on is payroll. We understand the desire to streamline your day-to-day financial tasks, and there are so many payroll software solutions available for small businesses that it is something you should consider investing in to save your valuable time. That’s why Direct Capital has rounded up our top picks for payroll software for small businesses, so that you can see what is available and choose the best solutions for your business.

We chose payroll software solutions that cover a range of price points, so that you can pick the one that best fits your budget. We also included payroll software that includes tax solutions, direct deposit options, and flexible payday choices so that you can find the software that fits all of your small business needs.

If you’re looking for a payroll app or service, we included a few of them in our list, too, to give you as many options as possible. Please note, we have listed our top payroll software for small businesses here, in no particular order.

1. QuickBooks Payroll

QuickBooks Payroll

Intuit works to create solutions to simplify life for small business owners, and they can do that by integrating Intuit Payroll and QuickBooks. With QuickBooks payroll, small business owners can handle their bookkeeping, expense tracking, payroll, and taxes with one software solution.

Key Features:

  • Run payroll in minutes inside QuickBooks
  • Enter the hours and let the software do the calculations
  • Pay employees with paper checks or free direct deposit
  • Choose to handle taxes electronically or have an expert take care of them for you
  • Automatic reminders
  • Payroll taxes and year-end W2s
  • Payroll reports
  • Unlimited payroll – Run payroll as many times as you’d like each month, with no additional cost

Cost: FREE trial available for 30 days

  • Simple Start with Enhanced Payroll: $25.97/month + $1.50/employee/month – Track income and expenses, create estimates and invoices, sync bank accounts and apps, pay employees and file payroll taxes
  • Essentials with Enhanced Payroll: $32.97/month + $1.50/employee/month – All Simple Start with Enhanced Payroll plan features, plus manage and pay bills and instant sales and profit reports
  • Plus with Enhanced Payroll: $39.47/month + $1.50/employee/month – All Essentials with Enhanced Payroll plan features, plus track inventory and prepare and print 1099s

2. Ascentis Payroll

Ascentis Payroll

Ascentis provides HRIS, payroll recruiting, time, and self service. With Ascentis Payroll, small business owners get total control of an in-house payroll solution with the benefits of Software as a Service (Saas). This web-based, internet payroll service allows small businesses to process payroll in real-time, for 100% accuracy, flexibility, and control.

Key Features:

  • Live processing and instantaneous auditing
  • Reduce payroll processing time by as much as 30%
  • Real-time synchronization with Ascentis HR
  • Interfacing capabilities with your general ledger and time and attendance systems
  • Robust reporting

Cost: Contact for a quote

3. CenterPoint Payroll Software

CenterPoint Payroll Software

Red Wing Software has been developing accounting and payroll software since 1979. Red Wing’s CenterPoint Payroll Software adds profits and reduces the time and money small businesses spend on payroll processing. CenterPoint Payroll Software includes many features, yet it remains an affordable small business payroll software solution.

Key Features:

  • Streamlined payroll processes
  • Tax filing made simple, even in multiple states
  • Unlimited companies and employees
  • eFiling option
  • Flexible time entry and processing
  • Easy tracking and enter of pay to multiple variables, including location, profit center, department, and others
  • Custom user interface

Cost: Contact for a quote

4. ZenPayroll


ZenPayroll is made for small businesses, and small business owners rave about its ease of use and the amount of time it saves them every month. With automated tasks and other advanced features, ZenPayroll is a highly-rated and well-loved payroll software for small businesses.

Key Features:

  • Automatic new hire reporting
  • Employee self-onboarding
  • Email pay stubs for employees
  • Automatic tax filings, tax calculations, and payments
  • Contractor payments and 1099 forms
  • Advanced features include unlimited bonus and off-cycle payrolls, cancel payroll, net-to-gross, flexible payment schedules, and detailed payroll reports

Cost: FREE trial available for two months

  • $25 base price + $4/person, per month

5. CheckMark Payroll Software

CheckMark Payroll Software

CheckMark Payroll Software has been providing accounting and payroll solutions for 31 years. That’s because they are dedicated to providing fast, easy-to-use, and affordable payroll solutions for small businesses using either Macs or PCs.

Key Features:

  • Engineered for small business payroll
  • Direct deposit
  • MICR encoding blank check stock
  • Unlimited companies and employees
  • Run as a stand-alone program or post to popular accounting systems like QuickBooks or CheckMark’s MultiLedger
  • Current federal and state tax withholding tables
  • Printable IRS forms

Cost: FREE trial available

  • Starts at $299

6. Wave Payroll

Wave Payroll

Wave Payroll is “as mobile as you are” and is a popular small business payroll solution because of its straightforward, affordable pricing. Made for small businesses, Wave Payroll features fast, simple, online setup with free online support.

Key Features:

  • Streamlined year-end filing
  • Easy-to-understand tax liabilities tracking
  • Employee self-service portal for pay stubs and W2s
  • Payroll reminders in your inbox
  • Direct deposit and check printing included
  • 256-bit SSL encryption and automatic backup


  • $15 base fee + $4/employee/month, up to 100 employees
  • Contact for enterprise pricing for more than 100 employees

7. Kronos Workforce Ready

Kronos Workforce Ready

Kronos Incorporated, a global leader in workforce management solutions, offers Workforce Ready as a cloud-based workforce management solution for small and midsize businesses that automates labor-intensive business processes. Using consistent, real-time employee data, Kronos Workforce Ready gives small business owners access to time and attendance, HR, payroll, and more, to help you make better decisions.

Key Features:

  • Simplifies the payroll process, ensures accuracy, and provides in-depth reporting options
  • Quick access to the data needed to process payroll correctly
  • No preprocessing steps, because payroll continually updates in real time
  • Self-service helps employees manage payment preferences and view pay statements
  • Calculate taxes based on exact geographic coordinates

Cost: Contact for a quote

8. Criterion Complete HCM Platform

Criterion Complete HCM Platform

Criterion is a compelte HCM platform that comprehensively manages HR, benefits, and payroll for your small business. Criterion Payroll streamlines payday functions and improves accuracy because it eliminates time-consuming and error-prone manual processes.

Key Features:

  • Improve accuracy and timeliness of paychecks
  • Ensure tax compliance
  • Gain efficiency through centralized data access
  • Manager and employee self-service portal
  • Cloud-based payroll software with smartphone and web browser access
  • User-defined incomes and deductions
  • Mass entry, job tracking, automated tax discovery, electronic tax and form filing, direct deposit, and more

Cost: Contact for a quote

9. Wagepoint


Wagepoint is a fast, simple way to pay employees and ensure tax compliance to make the government happy. This payroll software for small businesses is online and “backed by the world’s friendliest team.” Wagepoint is trusted by hundreds of small businesses, especially because of their useful features and world-class support.

Key Features:

  • Direct deposit
  • Payroll calculatioins
  • Federal, state, and local taxes
  • 1099s, W2s, and W3s
  • Wage detail reports
  • New hire reporting
  • Additional deductions, additional incomes, and payments to contractors
  • Online pay stubs

Cost: FREE trial available for 30 days

  • $15 base fee + $2/employee/pay – Including 10 state/local taxes
    • Additional states/local taxes at $2/payee

10. PayWindow Payroll

PayWindow Payroll

PayWindow Payroll, from ZPAY Payroll Systems, Inc., looks to help small businesses speed up their payroll processing. An affordable payroll software solution, PayWindow Payroll software runs on Windows XP, 2003, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use with simple to follow on-line tutorials
  • State payroll tax forms on plan paper for PayWindow
  • Pay employees by direct deposit
  • Custom report builder

Cost: FREE trial available for 30 days

  • PayWindow 2015: $89.95 + $5.00 S&H for first time purchasers

11. Patriot PAY

Patriot PAY

Patriot Software offers simple, accurate, and affordable online software for small businesses. Their payroll solution, Patriot PAY, is affordable and simple and includes free setup, free support, and a free employee portal. Small businesses love Patriot PAY because they can complete payroll in three easy steps.

Key Features:

  • Run payroll online from anywhere, as often as you like, at no additional charge
  • Accurate payroll and tax calculations
  • Secure online system
  • Automatic updates
  • Easy to customize
  • W2s and year-end reports

Cost: FREE trial available for 30 days

  • Basic payroll starts at $10/month

12. CYMA Payroll Software

CYMA Payroll Software

CYMA provides accounting and payroll software solutions for small to medium sized businesses and nonprofit organizations. CYMA Payroll Software supports up to thousands of employees across an unlimited number of companies and integrates with other accounting software modules to provide a total payroll accounting software solution.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited benefits and deductions
  • Printed and electronic tax forms for all 50 states
  • Timely state and federal payroll tax updates
  • Web-based employee self service
  • Import hours from employee self-service, CSV files, and most time clocks
  • Plain paper or electronic W2s

Cost: Contact for a quote

13. Ignite NuView Payroll

Ignite NuView Payroll

Ignite’s NuView Payroll module solves tough payroll issues and integrates seamlessly into their full Human Resource Management system. Ignite NuView Payroll is a secure solution that is accessible any time from anywhere, and provides flexibility and control for small businesses.

Key Features:

  • Payroll validation prior to payroll processing
  • Gross-to-net calculations, audit/correct payroll
  • End-to-end tax filing services for federal, state, and local taxes
  • Interfaces with general ledger systems and third party time and attendance systems
  • Compliance updates

Cost: Contact for a quote

14. ActivPR


ActivPR is a payroll software solution for small businesses that addresses the important payroll challenge of producing complex paychecks in the shortest time possible with limited resources. Designed as a framework, ActivPR combines the basic capabilities of payroll, database management, security, and a calculation engine that adapts to the complex processes associated with producing employee payroll checks and complying with reporting requirements.

Key Features:

  • Define your own date-driven parameters and assign value to them
  • Produce the payroll check and delay distribution until a less critical time
  • Print checks and stubs or use direct deposit to disburse funds into multiple bank accounts for employees
  • Supports laser signatures and MICR options
  • Define unlimited earnings, deductions, statistical, and tax codes for each employee

Cost: Contact for a quote

15. Xero


Xero provides seamless online accounting and payroll software that helps small businesses eliminate manual data entry and calculation mistakes. With Xero, you can process payroll, pay your employees, and manage your federal and state payroll taxes while allowing your employees to view their pay stubs, enter hours, submit time off, and more.

Key Features:

  • All payroll information is automatically updated into your general ledger
  • Quick and easy electronic tax filings and payments
  • Automatic and accurate tax calculations
  • Worry-free employee payments
  • Built-in timesheets at no extra cost

Cost: FREE trial available

  • Starter: $9/month – Create and send 5 invoices, enter 5 bills, reconcile 20 bank transactions, unlimited users
  • Standard: $30/month – All Starter plan features, plus payroll for 5 employees, federal and state e-file and e-pay, and payroll direct deposits and checks
  • Premium: $70/month – All Standard plan features, plus payroll for 10 employees and deal with multiple Currencies
  • Contact for quote for larger plans

16. RUN Small Business Solution

RUN Small Business Solution

RUN is a small business payroll solution developed with years of experience and knowledge gained from ADP’s more than 60 years of experience in working with nearly 400,000 small businesses. Known for its ease of use and convenience, RUN can be used any time, anywhere with the mobile app.

Key Features:

  • Run your small business payroll via web browser, mobile app, or even telephone
  • Give employees 24/7 access to their pay statements from nearly any leading mobile device
  • 24/7 support
  • Uses leading, industry-recognized security safeguards to protect company and employee information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, and tampering

Cost: Contact for a quote

17. Medlin Payroll Software

Medlin Payroll Software

Medlin Payroll Software is an easy-to-use, budget-friendly payroll software program that is perfect for small or medium-sized businesses. Compatible with current versions of Windows, Medlin Payroll Software has been featured in PC Magazine and PC World and has been named “Best of the Internet” by PC Computing Magazine.

Key Features:

  • Prepare, record, and print payroll checks
  • Prepare payroll reports
  • Federal and state tax reporting
  • Built-in calculations, social security, medicare, federal withholding, state withholding for all states, and more
  • Process payroll by direct deposit, fill in pre-printed check forms, prepare checks on blank check stock with the MICR module, or print pay stubs on blank paper and email pay stubs to employees

Cost: FREE trial available

  • $60 for the 2015 tax year

18. Zenefits


Zenefits helps small businesses manage payroll, benefits, compliance, and more online and in one dashboard. Zenefits does your payroll administration work for you by managing and automating all of your day-to-day payroll tasks in minutes. Plus, Zenefits works with all of the top payroll providers, so you can stick with your favorite system.

Key Features:

  • Automate adding and removing employees from payroll
  • Automatically sets up payroll deductions for all employee benefits and automates pre-tax deductions
  • Hire and pay contractors quickly
  • Platform backed by support from payroll, compliance, and benefits experts

Cost: Contact for a quote

19. Sage HRMS Payroll

Sage HRMS Payroll

Sage Human Resources and Payroll solutions are fit for small and growing businesses. These software solutions give small businesses all of the essentials they need to manage and pay employees while remaining productive and profitable. Sage offers many solutions for your small business payroll needs, but if you are looking for a solution that just manages payroll, Sage HRMS Payroll is a powerful tool for complete, on-time payroll management.

Key Features:

  • Simplifies payroll processing with selection lists and anytime check processing
  • Stay in compliance with tax laws through quarterly updates, including tax tables
  • Integrates seamlessly with Sage’s other business processes, since it’s linked to Sage HRMS

Cost: Contact for a quote

20. TaxSlayer Online Payroll and Bookkeeping Software

TaxSlayer Online Payroll and Bookkeeping Software

TaxSlayer Books is a simple solution for online accounting and payroll that is a smart choice for small businesses. With TaxSlayer Books, you can process payroll, print payroll checks, manage direct deposits, calculate withholdings and unemployment, and efile payroll forms in one simple online program. TaxSlayer Online Payroll and Bookkeeping is an all-in-one cloud solution for small business accounting and payroll needs.

Key Features:

  • Payroll tax form filing
  • Year-end payroll form filing
  • Create unlimited paychecks
  • Automatically create and file 941s, 940s, W2s, and 1099s
  • Around-the-clock access to payroll
  • Includes online bookkeeping software

Cost: FREE trial available for 30 days

  • $6.95/month accounting software + $13/month payroll module

21. TimeClick


TimeClick delivers time clock software for small businesses. TimeClick is an affordable, user-friendly solution that works with payroll software to simplify your payroll process. With TimeClick’s time clock software, you don’t have to spend time calculating your employees’ time; rather, you can obtain a detailed, accurate record of your employees’ hours in just seconds.

Key Features:

  • Ensures that the first step of your payroll process is accurate and efficient, to properly log employee time
  • Automated process protects against wage and labor claims from employees
  • Reports export to a CSV file for easy importation to most payroll programs
  • Integrates seamlessly with PBS payroll

Cost: FREE trial available for 30 days

  • Lite: $99 – Basic time clock, track 4 employees, 30 days free support, 1 computer
  • Single Computer: $199 – Full version time clock, track unlimited employees, 30 days free support, 1 computer
  • Network Licenses: Start at $289 – Full version time clock, track unlimited employees, 30 days free support

22. PenSoft Payroll Software

PenSoft Payroll Software

Peninsula Software of Virginia, Inc., manufactures payroll software designed especially to help small businesses and payroll service providers. Their payroll software simplifies the time-consuming tasks associated with payroll processes.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive reports
  • Automatic tax computations
  • Prints on federal and state forms, as well as on preprinted W2s
  • Computes multiple incomes
  • Records and applies deductions
  • Handles fringe benefits
  • Prints laser checks


  • Lite Edition
    • 1-25 employees: $249
  • Standard Edition
    • 1-50 employees: $399
    • 51-100 employees: $469
  • Professional Edition
    • 1-50 employees: $579
    • 51-100 employees: $669
    • 101-200 employees: $759

23. Ceridian

Ceridian Small Business Payroll

Ceridian “makes work life better” for small businesses by providing payroll and HR solutions tailored to them. Ceridian features the benefits of flexible, scalable, and compliant payroll and HR solutions that make it easier than ever for small businesses to manage payroll and HR.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited service and support to reduce administration time
  • Pay employees accurately and on time
  • Operates within current HR and employment legislation

Cost: Contact for a quote

24. Paymastr Payroll 2.0

Paymastr Payroll 2.0

Deltanet provides some of the best freeware accounting software, including Paymastr Payroll 2.0. Available as a free, fully functional version with no time locks or trial period, Paymastr Payroll 2.0 is ready for you to begin at any time during the year, with Manual Pay History Entry. If you are satisfied with the software, you have the option of purchasing Paymastr Payroll 2.0 at a reasonable price.

Key Features:

  • Email support
  • Manual tax chart updating
  • Payroll summaries
  • Prints checks

Cost: $99.95

25. EzWagez Payroll System

EzWagez Payroll System

EzWagez Payroll System, an easy and free payroll system designed for small businesses with simple payroll needs, is available in both a basic and PLUS version. Regardless of the type of system you use now for payroll, EzWagez will help you calculate paycheck amounts and keep historical payment records.

Key Features:

  • Displays historical payroll data in detail, per time period, and per employee
  • Easily add employees from the main page
  • EzWagez payroll engine calculates employees’ paycheck amounts
  • Calculates amounts needed for quarterly 941EZs


  • EzWagez Basic: FREE
  • EzWagez Plus: $5/60 days – Subscription based with a reverse paycheck calculator, custom tax calculations, a fully adjustable check printing utility, data backup and restore, and more

26. AME Small Business Payroll

AME Small Business Payroll

From AME Software Products, Inc., AME Small Business Payroll is user friendly and designed to help small businesses create and print checks. AME Small Business Payroll includes tax tables for federal and all 50 states as well as federal reporting forms and a variety of payroll reports.

Key Features:

  • Compute pay gross to net and/or after-the-fact entries
  • Calculates federal, state, and local taxes
  • Unlimited number of pay types and rates, departments, and pre-tax (deferred) deductions
  • Time card calculator
  • Approved laser-generated W2, W3, 941, 940, 943, and 944
  • Backup/restore capability

Cost: $129 (up to 6 companies with MICR)

27. UltiPro


Ultimate Software offers its cloud-based UltiPro to help small businesses simplify work. For payroll needs, UltiPro is a flexible, functional solution that handles even complex pay calculations and gives you the control to run payroll your way.

Key Features:

  • Shift premiums
  • Average pay rates for overtime calculations
  • Garnishments and levy calculations
  • One-click access to all of your payroll data
  • View payroll calendar and pay dates, select a pay group for payroll processing, check payroll setup, review processing status and payroll results, and access reports from the Payroll Gateway

Cost: Contact for a quote

28. ShiftPlanning Online Payroll Processing

ShiftPlanning Online Payroll Processing

ShiftPlanning is a leading provider of cloud-based employee scheduling and workforce SaaS systems to businesses of all sizes. Their payroll processing delivers an online workforce management application that is completely integrated, in that it takes all data from your schedules and employees’ clocked time to payroll for online processing.

Key Features:

  • Export data in a ready-to-use format and upload to third-party payroll providers
  • Input overtime rules at the staff, position, or account levels, passing rate cards with specified differentials, and automatically account for unpaid bank deductions with the flexible payroll reporting system
  • Get payroll-related data in real time
  • Easily review and summarize payroll with the click of a button and filter by date, location, position, and employee

Cost: FREE trial available for 30 days

  • 1-20 employees: $35/month paid annually or $39/month paid monthly
  • 21-35 employees: $67/month paid annually or $75/month paid monthly
  • 36-50 employees: $89/month paid annually or $99/month paid monthly
  • 51-75 employees: $116/month paid annually or $129/month paid monthly
  • 76-100 employees: $135/month paid annually or $150/month paid monthly

29. Paycor


Paycor seeks to help small businesses perform better with intuitive cloud-based payroll solutions that are backed by personalized service. With Paycor’s Payroll & Tax Compliance software, small businesses are able to quickly and easily pay employee any time, anywhere.

Key Features:

  • Designed to be user friendly and full of features
  • Easily catch mistakes
  • Tax filing and calculations
  • Tax credit services
  • Electronic child support payment
  • Proactive cash requirement reporting
  • Direct deposit
  • Additional payment options, such as Paycards and Paycor Official Checks

Cost: Contact for a quote

30. eZPaycheck Payroll Software

ezPaycheck Payroll Software

eZPaycheck Payroll Software, from, is an easy-to-use payroll software solution for small businesses. The in-house payroll software helps small businesses calculate taxes, print paychecks, generate reports, and print tax forms, all without a required internet connection.

Key Features:

  • Calculate federal and state payroll taxes and deductions
  • Print paychecks and tax forms
  • Free support
  • User-friendly graphic interface and Windows menus
  • Supports salary, hourly rate, commission, tips, and customized wages
  • Flexible tax options for W2/1099 employees

Cost: $89 for the 2015 tax year

31. Simple X Payroll

Simple X Payroll

For small businesses looking for a fully-integrated payroll, employee time management, payroll tax compliance, and accounting solution, Simple X Payroll is a great choice. This online software transforms payroll from a tedious task to “a tool that provides powerful insights into how efficiently your business is operating.”

Key Features:

  • Eliminates time cards and hour calculations, because Simple X does it all for you
  • Full service integrated payroll coverage with employee time management, tax calculation, and accounting
  • Unlimited custom reporting

Cost: FREE trial available for 30 days

  • Starts at $99/month + $3.00/employee/month

32. Aruti Payroll

Aruti Payroll and HRM

Aruti is an integrated, flexible, and affordable human resources and payroll management system. Designed to efficiently process staff earnings and deductions, Aruti Payroll helps you maintain compliance with government and tax regulations.

Key Features:

  • Fully manages and administers the entire payroll and tax processes
  • Automatically tracks employee earnings, deductions, and benefits
  • Manages employee costing distribution, payroll history tracking, online verification of data entry, data security, and more

Cost: Contact for a quote

33. Payroll Mate

Payroll Mate

Payroll Mate is payroll software that is appropriate for small businesses that need to process payroll for up to 1,000 employees. Payroll Mate’s payroll system works with top accounting software, including QuickBooks, Peachtree (Sage 50), Quicken, Microsoft Accounting, and others.

Key Features:

  • Pay employees and print checks in minutes
  • Computes employee gross pay, taxes, deductions, and net pay
  • Calculates FIT, SIT, local income tax, SUTA, SDI, and FUTA
  • Unlimited user-defined payroll deduction, income, and tax types can be created
  • Supports different types of federal and state allowances, including dependent and personal
  • Calculates regular, overtime, and double overtime pay

Cost: FREE trial available

  • Starts at $99 for tax year 2015

34. 2015 TKT Payroll Software 

2015 TKT Payroll Software

TKT Payroll helps small businesses take control of their own payroll processes. An affordable solution, TKT Payroll Software allows business owners to being using it at any time of the year by simply entering year-to-date balances.

Key Features:

  • Loaded with 2015 federal and state tax tables
  • Download in seconds for quick and easy installation
  • Free email technical support
  • Up to 100 employees per company
  • Four tax pay cycles – weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly
  • Track paid time off for vacation and sick pay

Cost: $14.95

35. Aatrix Ultimate Payroll

Aatrix Ultimate Payroll

Aatrix Ultimate Payroll is a powerful payroll software solution for small businesses designed for Mac users, by Mac users. Ultimate Payroll features an easy-to-use interface and the ability to choose the features that best fit your small business needs.

Key Features:

  • Process payroll on your Mac for an unlimited number of employees and departments
  • Comprehensive set of forms for employee and payroll management
  • Automatically completes more than 250 state and federal unemployment, withholding, and new hire payroll reports directly from data processed with Ultimate Payroll
  • With TimeCard, employees can punch in and out on your Mac, and Ultimate Payroll automatically collects and totals their hours, thereby eliminating the need to manually enter hours

Cost: $259.95 for 12-month subscription that includes the most current tax tables

36. NolaPro


NolaPro is powerful cloud accounting software that provides payroll solutions for small businesses. Business owners particularly like NolaPro because it is fully customizable, allowing you to add modules and personalize your setup in the way that best fits your small business.

Key Features:

  • Full payroll check process
  • Direct deposit support
  • Periodic specific deductions
  • Service worker categories
  • W2/941 forms
  • Employee review
  • Several additional add-ons available

Cost: Contact for a quote

37. eSmart Paycheck

eSmart Paycheck

With eSmart Paycheck, small businesses can manage their company payroll online 24/7. The convenient payroll solution enables small businesses to process and review payroll at your convenience.

Key Features:

  • Prepare and print paychecks and/or pay stubs
  • Calculate 941, 940, and more, and then export paycheck details
  • Calculate tax deposits, including employer’s liabilities
  • View and edit paychecks and payroll summary

Cost: Payroll annual subscription priced by number of employees

  • 1-5 employees: $50
  • 6-10 employees: $100
  • 11-15 employees: $150
  • 16-20 employees: $200
  • 21-30 employees: $250
  • 31-40 employees: $300

@Payroll4freeCom is a free payroll service for businesses with 25 or fewer employees; for companies with more than 25 employees, there is a small fee. This secure and convenient payroll solution for small businesses allows you to pay employees, calculate taxes, and manage human resources.

Key Features:

  • Superb level of personal service and support
  • Payroll processing through the Secure Business Browser to manage payroll from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Pay employees by paper checks or direct deposit


  • FREE for small businesses with fewer than 25 employees
  • 25+ employees: Contact for a quote

39. Vista HRMS

Vista HRMS

Vista HRMS features a payroll component that includes the necessary tools for streamlining payroll for U.S. and Canadian employees. With Vista HRMS and its payroll function, small businesses get a simplified payroll solution.

Key Features:

  • Complete payroll administration
  • Time collection
  • Calendars and auto-pay generation
  • On-demand check calculation and creation
  • Retroactive pay
  • Optional tax filing service

Cost: Contact for a quote

40. SurePayroll


SurePayroll, a Paychex company, provides easy online payroll services to small businesses. With superior service, SurePayroll gives small businesses peace of mind because it is a web-based solution backed by 40 years of payroll experience.

Key Features:

  • Calculates, files, and pays federal, state, and local payroll taxes automatically to help you easily remain in compliance
  • Works with the IRS on your behalf to resolve any potential issues
  • Process payroll in three easy steps, to be totally finished “in 2 minutes or less”

Cost: Contact for a quote

41. APS Payroll Solution

APS Payroll Solution

APS Payroll Solution is a powerful payroll management option for small businesses looking to efficiently and accurately pay your workforce. With APS, you get the tools you need to complete your payroll, reduce costs, and simplify your workforce processes.

Key Features:

  • Payroll Solution unifies your core HR and time and attendance data
  • Ensures payroll tax filings and payments are accurate and on time
  • Generates actionable reports and integrations that work

Cost: Contact for a quote

42. Paychex


Paychex provides payroll, HR, and benefit services to more than 500,000 businesses. Their small business payroll service reduces the complexity and risk of running your own payroll and helps to ensure greater accuracy with current tax rates and regulatory information.

Key Features:

  • Online payroll with mobile support so you can run payroll from anywhere, any time
  • Submit payroll directly to your local payroll specialist and receive a small business payroll package delivered to you, with processed checks and essential management reports and supplies
  • Submit payroll online, view reports, import payroll data to QuickBooks and other software, and more
  • General ledger service, garnishment payment service, and payroll reports
  • Direct deposit, pay card program, or variety of traditional paper check options so you can pay your employees the way you want

Cost: Contact for a quote

43. eSMART Simple Payroll

eSMART Simple Payroll

eSMART Simple Payroll software service provides secure web payroll services that are ideal for small business payroll. With easy account and company setup, small business owners can handle payroll online from anywhere 24 hours a day.

Key Features:

  • Convert to eSMART Simple Payroll at any time during the year
  • Local paycheck printing
  • Direct deposit
  • Payroll tax calculations and payroll tax forms
  • Includes year-end W2s

Cost: Contact for a quote

44. PayUSA


With PayUSA, small businesses get an innovative payroll solution that offers top-notch personalized, responsive, and reliable service. PayUSA tailors payroll services to meet the unique requirements of your small business.

Key Features:

  • Timely, accurate, and confidential services
  • Personal attention
  • A complete menu of services from which to choose to handle all of your payroll, payroll tax, management information, and human resource information needs
  • Flexible solutions that are suited to your small business needs

Cost: Contact for a quote

45. OnPay


OnPay is a payroll solution for small businesses from Payroll Center, Inc. (PCI). With OnPay, small businesses get “a simple, modern, and affordable solution for payroll” that combines the latest internet technologies to address all of your payroll needs.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited pay runs
  • Create checks or direct deposits in minutes
  • Tax filings and payments done for you
  • Local check printing
  • Pay employees and/or contractors

Cost: Please note, price includes 1 state – Each additional state is $10/month

  • Starts at $47.95/month + $8.00/month for direct deposit

46. ProPayroll


ProPayroll gives small businesses greater control and lower payroll costs. With live, personal customer support, ProPayroll is a smart payroll solution for small businesses.

Key Features:

  • Sophisticated cloud-based workforce management tools
  • Supports your business 24/7 with personalized and expert attention
  • Streamlines online processes, maximizes flexibility, and simplifies payroll and workforce management

Cost: Contact for a quote

47. IOIPay


Interlogic Outsourcing, Inc. (IOI) is an award-winning provider of payroll and employer services. IOIPay is their user-friendly, web-based payroll platform that has been developed with client input to offer flexibility in meeting the payroll needs of small businesses.

Key Features:

  • Traditional methods of payroll, such as call-in, fax-in, and email
  • Web-based payroll service to complete your payroll any time, from anywhere
  • A number of add-ons, options, and other features to personalize your payroll service to fit your business needs

Cost: Contact for a quote

48. Intuit Online Payroll

Intuit Online Payroll

Intuit Online Payroll want to simplify payroll service for small businesses. Intuit also offers a selection of payroll solutions, so that small business owners can choose the right payroll service for your business needs.

Key Features:

  • Run payroll instantly
  • Calculate payroll taxes automatically
  • Works with or without QuickBooks
  • Call for free support from live experts or chat online with a payroll specialist


  • Basic: $25/month + $2/employee/month – Just paychecks
  • Enhanced: $39/month + $2/employee/month – Paychecks and payroll taxes
  • Full Service: $99/month + $2/employee/month – Payroll done for you

49. AccountEdge Payroll

AccountEdge Payroll

AccountEdge is small business accounting software for Mac, Windows, and mobile. AccountEdge Payroll offers payroll options to fit small business needs so that you can run your entire payroll at one time or cut individual checks.

Key Features:

  • Email and print pay stubs
  • View a detailed payroll summary
  • Account for vacation and sick time
  • Receive any upgrades that are released during your membership term


  • Payroll Tax Service: Starts at $249/year, $21/month single user
  • Payroll Tax Service Plus Support: Starts at $349/year, $29/month single user
  • Full Service: Contact for a quote

50. Optimum Payroll Software

Optimum Solutions

Optimum Solutions provides in-house iSeries and Windows payroll, HR, and time and attendance software solutions. Optimum Payroll Software is their comprehensive, in-house payroll software system that strives to make your payroll simple.

Key Features:

  • More than 200 standard reports
  • Payroll processing with a variety of automated features
  • Flexible options for levels of security
  • Unlimited deduction and benefit cods to help your business maintain compliance with federal and state laws
  • Administrate taxes internally or use Optitax to complete your payroll tax processing

Cost: Contact for a quote

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