Top 48 Cash Flow Management Blogs

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You’ve found your way to the Direct Capital Blog, so we know you like blogs (at least a little). But even if you don’t subscribe to dozens of blogs, and even if your inbox doesn’t overflow with daily newsletters, and even if you’ve never left a blog comment in your life, this post is still for you.

Today, blogging is one of the best things a business can do to connect with potential clients, while showing off its skills and expertise. And for blog consumers (that’s us), that means that blogs – the good ones, at least – are one of the greatest learning resources out there. And did we mention they’re free?

The following list of blogs represents 48 of our favorite selections for learning about cash flow. Some come courtesy of accounting firms, others via non-profit or governmental associations. Some are the brainchildren of cashflow software and tools, while still others are general business blogs with a solid base in cash flow forecasting and management. But whatever their raison d’être, these blogs all offer up free, expert knowledge in the field – and they’re ready to be read, saved, shared and subscribed to, whenever you have the time.

Note: The following choices are listed in alphabetical order. Blog

1. Blog

Its name is rather self-explanatory: is a blog about billing, accounting and, of course, cash flow. We love the semi-regular posting schedule – you can expect at least a post a week in your inbox – and even more, the on-topic posts. There’s lots of general biz-success information here, like how to improve your online brand or gauge customer satisfaction, and regular discussions about accounting, budgeting and the ever-important cash flow.

Start Here: 7 Cash Flow Management Tips for Small Business Owners and You Can Bring Organization and Control to Accounting

BizFilings Blog

2. BizFilings Blog

If you like your business blogs with a bit of personality, you’ll enjoy this inclusion to our list. Bizfilings shakes it up with fun topics like what late-night comedians can teach you about social media, but doesn’t forget its roots – real, actionable tips for small business owners. All the requisite topics are there, including plenty of information about cash flow management. Note that the BizFilings blog has been silent for about six months, so the archives are where it’s at.

Start Here: Steps to Take to Improve Cash Flow Management and Analyzing the Factors that Affect Your Cash Flow


3. Bplans

Bplans offers rich, in-depth business information, and the company’s blog of the same name is no different: Scroll for posts on starting a new business, managing the one you have, pitching ideas, funding your dreams, and writing your business plan. And since this is a list about cash flow resources, it must be said that the Bplans blog doesn’t disappoint in this arena, either.

Start Here: How to Balance Cash Flow in a Seasonal Business and All About Cash Flow

Business Buddy Blog

4. Business Buddy Blog

Everyone needs an entrepreneurial buddy to bounce ideas off of, and that’s kind of what the Business Buddy Blog is all about. Hop around and you’ll find a casual, friendly tone that speaks on almost any biz-related topic – including the almighty cash flow. There’s plenty to read about forecasting, managing and boosting your business’s cash on hand, and we all know there’s no time like the present to get started.

Start Here: Cashflow Is KING! and Cash Flow Management in Tough Times

Business Building Blog

5. Business Building Blog

The Business Building Blog is geared toward membership-based businesses, e.g. gyms and fitness studios and the like, but that doesn’t mean many of its posts don’t have universal appeal. There’s a good deal of marketing advice here that applies to any business, not to mention the cash-flow tips to help you get through a shortage and improve the cash that flows into your business.

Start Here: 3 Things a Membership-Based Business Can Do Today to Step Up Cash Flow and How to Beat a Cash Flow Drought Like a Pro

Business Know How

6. Business Know How

The Business Know-How blog has been unfortunately quiet since 2013, but that doesn’t mean its archives don’t hold a wealth of cash flow know-how. (Yeah, we went there.) You’ll find many topics of interest – there’s even a post on how to procrastinate! – and a deep well of knowledge on all things cash flow, from how to fix existing problems to how to create more of what you crave.

Start Here: Creative Cash Flow Strategies for Small Business and 9 Ways To Fix Cash Flow Problems

CAN Capital

7. Cashflow Manager Blog

Like other picks on our list, the Cashflow Manager blog perfectly compliments the brand’s small business accounting software. We appreciate the business-related posts, like how to stay healthy, but what secures this pick a spot on our list are – surprise – all the cash flow-related posts. Learn all about budgeting, cashflow vs. profit, and all the other money-money-money topics you need to boost your inflow of cash.

Start Here: Creating a Cash Flow Budget for your Small Business and Creating the X Factor in Your Small Business

Cash Flow Diary

8. Cash Flow Diary

If you love your information in audio format, hop on over to Cash Flow Diary, the blog that operates the popular (and prolific) Cash Flow Diary podcast. The podcast & blog go heavy on human interest stories (related to business), but you’ll also find straightforward, info-rich episodes on raising capital, boosting your cash flow, and other money topics for your business.

Start Here: 5 Little Known Secrets You Can Use Today to Raise Private Capital and Andy Tanner Learned to Drum Up Cashflow in New and Different Ways!

Cash Flow Mojo

9. Cash Flow Mojo

Cash Flow Mojo – it rolls right off the tongue. In addition to good rhyme, we appreciate Mojo’s no-nonsense approach, which creates a blog full of information worthy of reading. There are plenty of topics to choose from, e.g. compound interest and retirement savings, but almost all revolve around your business financials and, as its name implies, cash flow.

Start Here: How to Break Through Mental Business Income Barriers – Cash Flow Management and Cash Flow Management Tips for Retirement Savings and Investing

Celtrino Blog

10. Celtrino Blog

Though silent since May 2015, the Celtrino blog is another one of those blogs with archives worth their gigabytes in gold. Amidst posts about billing and invoicing, supply chain management and order processing, you’ll find gems on how to improve your cash flow, what to do once it has improved, and how to understand all the ins and outs of cash and your business.

Start Here: How to Improve Your Cash-Flow: Part 1 and How to Improve Your Cash-Flow: Part 2

Ceridian Small Business Blog

11. Ceridian Small Business Blog

Ceridian offers payroll, time tracking and payroll support to small businesses, and their informative blog dishes up plenty of on-topic info that’ll interest business owners and entrepreneurs. Among general HR, compliance, payroll and people management topics, Ceridian also delivers cash flow tidbits, like how to get it, get more of it, and once you have it, how to keep it coming. We’re on board with that.

Start Here: How you can Keep Your Cash Flowing Smoothly and The Outlook for Small Business is Positive in 2015

Commercial Capital Blog

12. Commercial Capital Blog

The Commercial Capital blog focuses primarily on business financing – quick! what’s the difference between an asset-based loan and credit? – and how that affects cash flow. Though the writing’s a little dry, you’ll find plenty of resources here on cash flow, like common problems and solutions, how to boost cash flow as your company grows, and more.

Start Here: Cash Flow Problems Due to Growth and Cash Flow Problems and Solutions

Concur Blog

13. Concur Blog

Concur, now a part of SAP, is an expense management tool. The company’s blog, not surprisingly, has a lot to do with expense management, money, finance and other related topics. Wedged in there is the topic of cash flow, including understanding the basic concepts, managing your cash flow, and techniques to leverage cash flow so that it works hard for you.

Start Here: Know Where Your Money Is Going: Manage Your Cash Flow and Getting Cash Flow to Work: Know Where It Goes

Creative England

14. Creative England

Creative England has a fresh take on business blogging, with a highly visual, completely interesting blog that dives into current events, link roundups, business profiles, and more. Dig through the topics of interest, and you’ll also find posts about small business finance, money, and the topic of the day, cash flow.

Start Here: Making Cash Flow and Hiring a Financial Director

Dirty Little Secrets About Cash Flow

15. Dirty Little Secrets About Cash Flow

Well, we love the name! The Dirty Little Secrets About Cash Flow are what we, and every business owner, want to know. And true to name, this blog is just overflowing with who’d-have-thunk-it? type posts. For example, did you know that net profit is absolutely not the same as good cash flow? If you didn’t (and probably even if you did), then this blog’s for you.

Start Here: Net Profit Does Not Always Equal Good Cash Flow and The Secret to a Solid Cash Flow Strategy for the New Year

Dry Run

16. Dry Run

Dry Run is dedicated to cash flow management for creatives, so its blog is what you expect: business advice and cashflow know-how, from a creative business standpoint. We enjoy the blog’s general business topics, which cover everything from work-life balance to productivity, but what we appreciate most are the posts dedicated to teaching creative business owners how to best forecast, manage and improve their cash flow.

Start Here: Forecasting frequency: How often should you check your cash flow? and Back to Basics with Cash-Flow

Early Pay

17. Early Pay

The Early Pay blog is dedicated to all things invoicing, finance and payroll – including cash flow. Topics range from seasonal – reasons you should consider debtor finance during the holiday season – to general knowledge – what is payroll finance? – and everything in between. Cash flow topics are plentiful and come up often, so this is definitely a blog to watch.

Start Here: Challenge Cashflow Concerns in 2015 and How Can I Better Monitor Business Cash Flow?

The Factor Funding Blog

18. The Factor Funding Blog

With regular updates, often more than once a week, the Factor Funding Blog keeps you in a constant supply of good business tips. Most fall under the category of general finance – loans and factoring and budgeting, oh my! – and that includes cash flow. In fact, there are quite a few posts (and an entire category) dedicated to learning about cashflow forecasting and management, with a constant eye on how to do it better.

Start Here: 5 Solutions for Cash Flow and Payroll Problems and Small Business Success: Focus on Cash Flow

Float Blog

19. Float Blog

You’d expect that a blog by Float, a cloud-based cash management and forecasting tool, will offer up great cashflow topics. The company lives up to this promise, with a fun blog directed at its clients: app-related updates, company news and, of course, cashflow know-how. Unlike some of the other choices on our list, this blog is best for Float users, but there are some topics with universal appeal.

Start Here: Daily Cashflow Forecasting in Float – Avoid the Red and Should you rely on Excel for your cashflow?


20. FreshBooks

In the small business world, it seems everyone has heard of Freshbooks, the darling of cloud-based accounting and invoicing tools. It should come as no surprise, then, that the Freshbooks blog appeals to its user base with topics on freelancing, development resources, small business tips, and more. Amidst that more, you’ll find posts on cash flow forecasting, management, trouble-shooting and more.

Start Here: 6 ways to avoid cash flow problems in your business and Calling all Invoice Procrastinators

Fundera Ledger

21. Fundera Ledger

Fundera Ledger bills itself as small business news & advice blog, written by small business owners – and that says a lot about it, in our opinion. We love the hands-on approach Fundera takes to blogging, and appreciate that it’s written for and by small business owners like you. And of course, we appreciate all the posts related to cash flow, especially those that focus on real-world mistakes and solutions.

Start Here: 3 Biggest Cash Flow Mistakes Small Business Owners Make and In-House Versus Outsourced: What Roles to Take On as a Business Owner

Funding Gates

22. Funding Gates

Funding Gates, which offers receivables management software, publishes a top-quality blog flush with informative topics. The company goes easy on the me-me-me type posts, and opts instead to publish on topics of interest to small business owners. We’re sure you’ll appreciate – and learn a few things – about running a better business, thanks to subjects on marketing and business strategy, management, money and small biz trends.

Start Here: The 3 Things All Business Owners Should Know About Pricing and Everything Financial Managers Need to Know About Managing Cash Flow

Funding Options

23. Funding Options Blog

The Funding Options blog takes a slightly different approach to blogging: instead of straightforward how-to and tips posts, they dig a little deeper, sometimes into the pit of allegory. Take their recent posts on kiddie play centers and how gyms became big business, and you’ll see what we mean. In any case, Funding Options also talks about cashflow, finance and your money, which is the biggest reason why they made our list.

Start Here: Construction & Cashflow: match made in heaven or hell? and New Year finance options to keep cash in the business

Herbein + Company

24. Herbein + Company

Herbein + Company, Inc. is a group of certified public accountants, and their excellent blog is much of what you’d expect: tax advice, accounting info, and – how could they not? – cash flow management and forecasting information. Admittedly, there’s quite a bit of company information woven in but we think the cash flow resources alone are strong enough to earn this small accounting firm a place on our list.

Start Here: Cash Flow Management: Strategies to Meet Business Demand and Is Your Business Financially Strong?

Kabbage Blog

25. Launch Accounting

Squint your way through the white-on-black design, and you’ll see that Launch Accounting has a pretty decent offering. Though the blog hasn’t been updated since 2013, the archives host advice tailor-written for entrepreneurs and small business owners: retirement planning, customer satisfaction, business resilience and more. And that more includes cashflow advice, natch.

Start Here: Has Cashflow Affected Your Business Lately? and Will your business succeed or fail? Are you prepared for what’s coming next?

Less Accounting

26. Less Accounting

Less Accounting – we can all get behind that concept, right? – is all about making business easier. To that end, the company’s blog offers up educational posts about marketing & sales, accounting, QuickBooks, invoicing & sales, and general business advice. Sift through all that interests you, and you’ll find cash flow topics galore – how to correct current problems, improve your cash flow, and more.

Start Here: Three Cashflow Hacks To Improve Your Business and Cash Flow Problems Are Avoidable, Here’s How To Avoid And Predict Them

MW Bookkeeping & Accounting

27. MW Bookkeeping & Accounting

This is what it looks like then the little guy does big things: MW Bookkeeping & Accounting is a small firm, but its blog, while not updated recently, has a lot of information to keep you scrolling and scrolling and scrolling. There are basic biz posts, like Customer is King, as well as bookkeeping advice and, of course, tips on how to improve and better manage your cash flow.

Start Here: How To Improve Your Cash Flow and The Importance Of Keeping Full, Detailed Accounts


28. MYOB Blog

The MYOB blog is the perfect accompaniment to the brand’s excellent small business accounting software. As you’d expect, the blog covers a good range of financial and business topics, from productivity to payroll, including plenty of cash flow posts. We find that MYOB offers a holistic, if eclectic, mix of topics that you’ll not only benefit from, but enjoy reading every week.

Start Here: Eight Tips on Managing Your Cash Flow and Six Secrets to Thinking Like an Accountant

Nab Business Tips

29. Nab Business Tips

Forgive the pun, but Nab is all about nabbing the tips and tricks right for you. Their cash flow management category is blogging gold – money and finances and business risk and tons of other topics you want to know about. This category runs pretty deep, so set aside some time to really dive in.

Start Here: Creating a cash reserve and Budget sales forecast template

Nathalie Lussier

30. Nathalie Lussier

Nathalie Lussier offers an online business school curriculum, so it’s a natural fit for her blog to cover business-related topics. Among them: your website, SEO, marketing and, yes, cash flow. We’re the first to admit that the blog is not as easily navigable as some of the other on our list, so prepare to do some hunting to find topics of interest.

Start Here: A Creative, Cutting-Edge Way to Look at Cash-Flow Strategies and The Catch-22 of Online Businesses

Nerd's Blog

31. Nerd’s Blog

Nerd’s the word at Nerd Enterprises, a bookkeeping and accounting consulting firm. The company’s blog is all about QuickBooks, Excel, cash flow and technology – and the blog is, too. We think you’ll appreciate the tips, tutorials, and tricks housed here, especially when they focus on cash flow: understanding it, fixing it, boosting it and, once you’ve hit on a successful formula, using it to your best advantage.

Start Here: Understanding The Statement Of Cash Flows: An Introduction and Analyzing The Statement Of Cash Flows

One Resource Blog

32. One Resource Blog

One Resource is a virtual assistance company that knows a thing or two about business finance. There are many general business posts here to catch your attention – think social media, audience engagement, website traffic, and bookkeeping – but our interest lies with the cashflow topics – and One Resource offers plenty of those. Side note: we challenge you not to read this blog in a British accent.

Start Here: Helpful hints to control credit and cash flow in small businesses and What is bookkeeping and why is it important for Small Businesses

Penguin Strategies

33. Penguin Strategies

The Penguin Strategies blog offers once-weekly updates on topics that will benefit your business. The primary focus is definitely on marketing – inbound marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, etc. – but Penguin Strategies also offers up how-tos and knowledge on other topics. Among this general knowledge, you’ll find plenty about company financials, money management, and cashflow.

Start Here: Small Business Cash Flow: Managing Financials and How to Avoid Chasing Payments on the Road to Business Success

Personal Branding Blog

34. Personal Branding Blog

On a list of business blogs, here’s a fresh take: branding. The Personal Branding blog isn’t so much personal as it is about your business personality – all the posts focus on branding for business – so don’t discount it yet. There are dozens of great posts here about entrepreneurship and networking and workplace success, not to mention tips on increasing cash flow.

Start Here: 7 Ways to Increase Cash Flow In Your Business and Reboot a Sagging Business

Point Blank

35. Point Blank

We hate to toot our own horn – oh heck, who are we kidding? we’re proud of what we do! – but our own Point Blank blog is a great resource for all things cash flow. Sure, we have your standard small-biz topics – we’ll fill you in on how to stay healthy at work, how to run a restaurant successfully, and how a POS system can modernize your business – but we’ll also talk cash flow problems (and how to solve them), review the 50 best cash flow tools available, point you toward dozens of cash flow learning resources, and more.

Start Here: How to Solve Cash Flow Problems: 24 Experts Reveal Top Tips for Fixing Small Business Cash Flow Issues and The 50 Best Cash Flow Management Software, Tools and Apps to Help Your Small Business Better Manage Cash Flow

Portland Business Support Blog

36. Portland Business Support Blog

If you like to keep your finger on the pulse of business and business-related current events, head on over to the Portland Business Support Blog. They cover a wide range of topics, including the aforementioned biz news, and don’t shy away from the subjects of money and cash.

Start Here: Top tips to free up cash in your business and Cash flow problems? The show must go on

Pulse Blog

37. Pulse Blog

The Pulse app is dedicated cashflow management, so its no surprise that the brand’s blog topics are really on point: budget line items and profits and cashflows galore. The blog does deliver a lot of brand-related info, like app updates, so if you’re not a Pulse user there’s a fair bit of post-sifting to be done. But even so, the Pulse Blog offers up enough quality, free info to make our list.

Start Here: Four Cash Flow Bedtime Stories to Help You Sleep Better at Night and Cash Flow: The Lifeblood of Your Business

QuickBooks Blog

38. QuickBooks Blog

Leave it to Intuit, QuickBooks’ parent company, to publish a shiny, educational blog on small business. The topics here are wide-ranging, which we appreciate, but since we’re calling out cashflow management blogs, suffice it to say that Quickbooks understands – and writes about – this topic, too.

Start Here: Why Cash Flow Is King (and Other Lessons in Small-Business Finance) and Mastering Cash Flow in Your Small Business

Sage One UK Blog

39. Sage One UK Blog

Sage One is a big name in small business accounting, so the company likely needs no introduction. But what you may not know is that the brand publishes an eponymous blog, which covers Sage One updates, accounting news, and plenty of bookkeeping and cashflow topics to fuel your yen for online learning.

Start Here: Why 2015 is a BIG year for payroll legislation! and What’s your Employer Value Proposition?

SBA Managing a Business Blog

40. SBA’s Managing a Business Blog

It’s no secret that we love the Small Business Association – it’s an excellent, free resource for small business owners – so it should be no surprise that the administration’s business blogs earn a spot on our list. The SBA runs several small biz blogs, but its Managing a Business Blog is your go-to resource for all things money, accounting and, yes, cash flow management.

Start Here: Managing Small Business Cash Flow – Answers to 10 Commonly Asked Questions and 8 Ways to Boost Sales of Your Small Business Services

Smart Business Cash Flow

41. Smart Business Cash Flow

Though quiet since 2012, the Smart Business Cash Flow blog maintains its archives for ongoing self-education: bookkeeping, small business tips, expenses, and lots and lots of cash flow advice, information, and how-tos. Really, if all you’re after are cashflow posts, you owe it to yourself to peruse this selection.

Start Here: What Does the Cash Flow Projection Say About How Much I Can Pay Myself? and Cash Flow Projections for Seasonal Businesses

Startup Professionals

42. Startup Professionals

Startup Professionals likes to muse on its blog, where startup experts share tips, advice and general conversation about a range of business topics. You’ll find much of the standard fare, like how to keep your customers happy and how to perfect your business model, but what earns our bid is the blog’s targeted advice about cash flow, and how that relates to startups and small businesses.

Start Here: Investors Measure Entrepreneurs By Cashflow Mileage and Startup Runway Length Depends on Your Burn Rate

The Startup Toolkit

43. The Startup Tookit

For startups, not to mention solopreneurs and small business owners, the Startup Toolkit can be an excellent resource. From posts on wealth and side projects, to funding and marketing, the blog offers solid, actionable advice. But, never losing site of the goal, its discussions on cashflow, money and finance are what earned the Toolkit a spot on our list.

Start Here: My dad taught me cashflow with a soda machine and Tool and resource list for new founders

Start Up Donut

44. Start Up Donut

Startups need help, and Start Up Donut is there to fill the void. With wide-ranging topics on all matter of business planning, management and decisions, you’re sure to find answers to all your burning questions. Our center around cashflow, and Start Up Donut does that, too, touching on topics like pricing, cashflow management, forecasting, and more.

Start Here: Q&A: Cashflow Management and How to manage your cashflow


45. ValuAdder

Ostensibly, the ValuAdder blog is about – imagine that! – business valuation. But look a bit beneath the surface, and you discover that this addition to our list covers dozens of topics related to business value. Among those topics: cash flow and, generally, cash. You’ll learn what cash means to your business and its market value, which is a (pardon the pun) very valuable approach to thinking about your cash.

Start Here: Should you use accrual or cash basis accounting for business valuation? and Business valuation: strategic decision making versus service

Vistr Cashflow Forecasting Blog

46. Vistr Cashflow Forecasting Blog

With a name like the Cashflow Forecasting Blog, you know it’s going to be good. Vistr, purveyor of cashflow management and forecasting software, jumps into the fray with a range of money, budgeting and cash flow-related posts – everything from how to bundle or split invoices for faster payment, to the best days for invoicing, to why accountants are better than the average Joe (that’s you) at collecting money. Updates are very regular, so you’ll enjoy a steady flow of learning topics.

Start Here: Accountants are better at collecting money than you and 7 invoicing tips to collect cash faster

Wall Street Journal Blog

47. The Wall Street Journal Blog

The Wall Street Journal may already be a staple in your driveway or on your tablet, but did you know that the popular journal also operate an incredibly informative blog? Like the newspaper itself, blog posts are often only mildly related to business; other times, however, they’re bang on. And this is definitely true when it comes to WSJ finance, which covers topics like money, accounting and – you got it! – cash flow.

Start Here: Why Companies Need to Focus on Cash Flow and How to Use Factoring for Cash Flow



48. Xero

Xero is one of those combo blogs that mixes small business tips with company news. That said, Xero clients and non-clients alike will learn something from the company’s informative blog, which covers general business topics – accounting, bookkeeping, business tech, business development, and more – including cash flow management and forecasting.

Start Here: Managing small business cashflow and Cashflow forecasting is your crystal ball

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