Benefits of Remodeling Your Hotel

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Hello and Happy New Year. Hope last year treated you well and that even better things are to come this year! As you know, there will always be some sort of technology or equipment upgrade that gets released. Whether it’s a new smartphone, new TV or even a new type of light bulbs, something changes.

As a hotel owner, the pressure is on to keep your location fresh and new. And Direct Capital wants to give you a good place to start. Here are 4 reasons to remodel your hotel, and how it will impact your business for future success.

  • Chipped floor tile. When a guest stays at your hotel, they want the most for their buck. The last thing they want to see by the pool, in the lobby, or in the room is cracked floorboard or tile. Not only can it leave a bad impression but can also be hazardous. Pro Tip: It may be less costly to get them fixed in bulk instead of repairing a couple of tiles in each area. 
  • Creaky doors and windows with a side of rust. Not only is this a bad look, but it can be an awful sound to your guests and make them think your property is going to crumble. Pro Tip: Do some research on door hinges. Find ones that can help prevent your hotel from sounding haunted. Also look into getting eco-friendly windows, as it this can eliminate rust and even save energy costs.
  • Check your plumbing. If toilets aren’t flushing properly, maintenance will have to come and perform manual labor. This is stressful for you, the person doing the repairs, and more importantly your guest. No matter the reason for their travels, chances are they have no time to deal with poor plumbing. Keep them happy and always check on your plumbing. Pro Tip: Look at getting the most out of your buck by investing in eco-friendly toilets. They have more flushing power while using water efficiently instead of wastefully.
  • Dark Rooms. As someone who frequently stays at hotels, I enjoy coming into a room that is warm and welcoming. I don’t want to go into a room that is dim and makes me want to check behind the curtains for the boogeyman. Pro Tip: Research the best lighting techniques for hotel rooms. You can also get LED bulbs which last longer and save energy. 

Remodels take time, effort, and money so to make them worthwhile you have to plan ahead. Put together a priority list of rooms and areas that need some love. Remodel rooms one at a time instead of closing the whole hotel/floor. This way, you will always have a steady flow of guests. It’s also best to get all of the renovations done over time in a slow period so you can be running on all cylinders during your peak season.

Don’t have the cash on hand to renovate, but know that it’s necessary? Just look to Direct Capital. We work with hotel franchises across the country, and will be happy to discuss your options with you. Just give us a call at 866-777-9198 or click on the banner below to get started.

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