Benefits of Giving to Charity

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Giving Comes in Many Forms

Giving to charity – or giving in general – means more than providing a monetary donation. Supporting a cause happens when you give your time (or, yes, your money) and when you recognize the efforts made by an organization that is important to you, your business, or your community. Giving to charity comes in many forms, and has more benefits than you might think.

The obvious benefit is, of course, giving to charity. You help out members of the public – people that may have supported your business in the past – and you feel good about it. But does this act of caring have any significant, positive impacts on your business? Of course!

Direct Capital ‘Gives’

“Give” is one of Direct Capital’s core values, so it’s no surprise we feel so strongly about this topic. Each month, we choose 2-3 charities to give to in the form of our Denim for Dollars donations. Sometimes, we even donate coats, food, or toys – depending on the charity and the season.

This month, we are dedicating our Denim for Dollars to two outstanding organizations: The American Heart Association and the Seacoast Area Teachers of Yoga in Action.

Last month, some of our efforts were centered on Families First, the Seacoast area’s community health and family resource center. They recognized our support not only on their website, but in a newspaper ad as well. While we are incredibly glad we could provide support for our community members, we’re also very thankful for Families First’s recognition of our efforts.

Why are we telling you this story? Because we want you to see that there’s more to giving than you think – and in the end, it can benefit you and your business too.

Why You Should Start Giving Today

  1. Promote Your Business: When you choose to sponsor a charity event, attend an event, or give a donation, we want you to do it for the right reasons – because it’s something you and your business believe in. However, in doing so, most of the organizations will be happy to showcase your efforts on their website or their marketing, much like Families First did for us. This gets your name out there and may inadvertently help you generate additional business.
  2. Positive Brand Building: With that extra marketing, you are also creating a positive image for your brand and your business. Consumers appreciate and respond well to businesses that care about the community as a whole, not just about building their own success.
  3. Boosts Employee Engagement: In an article, the author wrote that what matters most to employees in a work environment is feeling as though what they are doing is making a difference for the greater good. Making the effort to improve your community, and letting your employees join in, will boost their morale and make them feel like they work for a company that truly cares. There are companies out there that will bonus match, which means when sales men or women hit their quota, the company matches it to a charity of the employee’s choice, so that’s an option to consider. In addition, you will likely see an increase in talent come your way. A great work-life balance is important to many candidates seeking employment.
  4. Networking Opportunities: When you take the time to meet with the heads of charitable organizations, you are widening your network. As this Inc. article put it, “It is so much easier to talk to someone when you share the same passion.” Working with charities helps you create new contacts and not have to worry about the “awkward” first encounter, because you’ll already know what’s important to them.

Maybe 2015 can be the year of giving. Find a cause that means the most to you and instill our core value of “Give”!

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