Benefits of Digital Menu Boards at the Drive-Thru

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Quicker Service Means Happier Customers

Being a Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) means you provide quick, easy service for customers that don’t always have time to sit down and eat a meal. Eating on the go is becoming increasingly popular as life for professionals, students, parents, and everyone in between continues to get busier.

A 2014 report from QSR Magazine proved that wait times at the drive-thru are rising, hitting an average of 203 seconds per service. And, if more and more people are using drive-thrus, wait times will continue to increase which is bad for your business.

The solution is easier than you might think: Digital menu boards in your drive-thru.

Investing in Drive-Thru Digital Signage

Having digital signage will allow you to put a system in place that can cut wait times, increase productivity and improve overall customer satisfaction. But why else should you make that investment today?

  1. You can finance the equipment: That’s right. When you choose Direct Capital as your financing partner, you are able to get the equipment you need to make the change to digital signage without dishing out cash up front. Making such a big overhaul on your restaurant can be costly and we don’t want you to worry about losing your working capital to this project, and not having it to spend on other business needs.
  2. Easily updatable: Having digital menus at the drive-thru allow you to quickly and easily change messaging to make it the most effective for your business, your location, and your specific customers. If you are a franchisor, you are able to change messaging from one location to the next with ease because of the cloud-based signage platform. You can highlight the best-selling meal of the day or the product you want to push, but also test the messaging you use to see which messages are the most effective.
  3. It connects with your POS system: Most digital signage platforms have the ability to connect right to your POS system, updating the sign when you run out of product or change prices. Before, with traditional signage, having to re-do the entire board when new products were introduced or prices were changed would be a huge expense. Now it’s all done electronically and automatically, keeping your profits high and customer frustration low.
  4. Upsell: Digital menu board design plays a significant role in how customers order food. When you design your boards, you want to place photos of high-profile food items, combos, and other big ticket meals to really catch the customers’ eyes. Instead of just getting a burger and fries, for example, they might want a chocolate shake to go with it. Pictures help see the components of a meal faster than words – use it to your advantage.
  5. It’s what customers want: Digital Signage Today did a study and found that 74% of customers want a menu that’s easy to read, stating that it’s their top priority when visiting a Quick Service Restaurant.
  6. Increase revenue: By constantly updating the boards to meet the needs of your target audience, syncing it with your POS system, and upselling product, you will see your revenue skyrocket. In fact, Digital Signage Today reports that QSRs who installed indoor digital signage saw a 5-8% increase in revenue on average. Imagine what the boards will do when placed outside.

It’s time to make your Quick Service Restaurant the best on the block. Get started on financing your drive-thru digital menu boards today by calling Direct Capital at 866-777-0117 or by filling out our online form!