Are You Hiring? 6 Ways to Build the Best Team

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Start Your Second Quarter of Strong with a New Staff

In our recent post on the state of small businesses in 2015, Direct Capital reported that 38% of business owners surveyed planned on making hiring a top priority this year, while 18% will use hiring as a strategy to increase growth.

A new staff could be the breath of fresh air your business needs to kick off a strong second quarter. The people you choose to build your business with, according to Barbara Corcoran, will determine 80% of your success, so it’s time to learn some tips and tricks for building the best team.

  1. Know what it takes to be the best: How can you build the best team if you don’t what qualifies as being the best. Before making any hiring decisions, sit down and make a list of what qualities you want to see in your next employee. What core values should they embody or what traits would make them successful in a position? Determine the answers to those questions and then put out a “We’re Hiring!” ad.
  2. Scrutinize a résumé diligently: Before bringing an interviewee in, meticulously review each part of a resume and verify credentials. It’s important that you understand the person’s history and capabilities on paper before taking any further steps. Plus, looking at a resume will allow you to see any missing holes or questions you want answered if you choose to bring them in for an interview.
  3. Ask ‘out of the ordinary’ questions: Hiring a new team member is more than making sure someone is qualified for the position at hand. They have to be personable and make a killer first impression. Ask them if they know their Myers-Briggs, what gets them out of bed in the morning, or what type of job would turn them off. You’ll get a good feel for who they are, which is equally as important as what they are capable of.
  4. Test their knowledge of your business: Ask what they like about your products or service offerings. It might seem obvious that the candidate has researched your company, but how deep did they go? You probably want someone who is already pretty invested in the company and your products. Asking this question shows not only their preparedness, but also their creativity. What would they advise your customers? How would they make the product or experience better?
  5. Look out for the 4 ‘Deadly Hiring Sins’: An Inc. article showcases the four deadly hiring sins to avoid – 1. The candidates that can talk the talk, but not walk the walk (The Sin of Seduction); 2. Putting too much trust in your intuition and not knowing where the candidates will truly fall short (The Sin of Narrow-mindedness); 3. Hiring someone who unwilling to do work they believe is below their knowledge standards (The Sin of Being Too Smart); Hiring candidates that are better at getting a job than actually doing the job (The Sin of Arrogance).
  6. Choose from a large pool: It’s not as much of a headache as it might sound. Having more than 1 or 2 candidates for a specific position increases your chances of hiring the right person for the job. You won’t be settling; you’ll be choosing the most qualified and best person for your team.

When hiring is high up on your list of top business goals for the year, there isn’t room for error. You want to surround yourself and your business with the people that will play a large role in your success.

At Direct Capital, we have our own set of core values that we look for in our employees; that we encompass as an entire company. We take our core values and hiring standards very seriously – and we only want the best for you and your business!

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