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Don’t Miss These Small Biz Smart Phone Apps

Business is increasingly conducted on-the-go, and iPhones and other mobile devices are certainly part and parcel of that shift.

Gizmocrunch has the scoop on a handful of applications—or apps, if you prefer the prevailing lingo—that are great fits for the mobile businessman or woman. Nearly all of them save time, which is a precious currency in today’s fast-paced world of commerce. It’s highly recommended that you check out the list yourself, but a handful in particular caught our attention.

Here Are A Few Of Our Favorites

Among the coolest is WorldCard Mobile, which enables the transfer of information from business cards directly to a phone via black magic the click of a camera. If you’ve ever known the joy of thumbing through a Rolodex thick with business cards, you’ll certainly appreciate the amount of time you can save through this particular app.

The Intuit GoPayment Credit Card Terminal is similarly mobile. Businesses gain the ability to take credit cards no matter where they are, breaking the shackles of card machines and waiting for checks to clear if your work keeps you on the road.

Skype is probably not new to you, but it’s fast becoming essential no matter what kind of device you’re using. The ability to video chat with someone in California or Germany from your mobile device is enormously convenient. Anything that breaks down the thinning walls of long-distance communication will facilitate business, in our humble opinion.

Share your favorite apps in the comments, ladies and gentlemen.

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