An Update From Inbound Marketing Summit: Brian Halligan And The New Web

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Our own Matthew Sullivan and Daryl Eames are at the Inbound Marketing Summit in Boston, which features some of the best minds in marketing today. Here’s an update from Matt. If you’re interested in reviewing the agenda for the summit, check here.

Brian Halligan (founder and CEO of HubSpot) was really good. He really talked about how the next wave of marketing will be the personalization of the web. Look at Netflix, Amazon, Pandora, etc. It’s all about the single user experience.

B2C marketers have done a great job on the user experience as a means to attract and keep customers. It’s time that B2B marketers got on board.

As more people join, the systems learn more, which makes a better experience for the user that results in more conversations, which gives the systems more information about you. Rinse and repeat.

If Web 1 was the online brochure, and Web 2 was the CMS-powered dynamic & social website, then Web 3 is really about each website being an completely tailored to the individual.

Halligan’s talk was followed by a CMS panel that was less impressive. They pretty much said that “a modern CMS implementation will take longer than you expect and cost more than you planned.”

The big take away line from today is: “Now the buyer has more information than a sales rep.” Who said it? Brian Halligan.

Want to learn more about the summit? Take a look at the agenda and tell us what you want to hear about!

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