An April 6 Small Business Roundup From Around The Nation

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Hat tip to BizEngine, where two of the articles in this roundup first found port in the form of Small Business Today.

We’ve got three articles in all for today’s rundown of small business news, so let’s get started:

  • The battle between banks and small businesses over debit card swipe fees, which we covered about a month ago, is still ongoing. Many lawmakers want to delay the implementation of legislation that would significantly cut into the fees banks and credit unions collect from debit card swipes, but small businesses and their larger counterparts stand in staunch opposition as they try to put together the capital and revenues needed to get out of the recession. The rules are set to take effect on July 21, but until then, the battles rages on.
  • The American service industry grew yet again, though its growth flagged somewhat in March, according to The manufacturing index also expanded, which experts in the article say means the economy is slowly by steadily growing. Music to my ears!
  • Our third item is an interesting take on what social media has become, delivered with grating writing by ZDNet’s Tom Foremski. While I’m not necessarily a fan of the way he approaches the topic, Foremski’s larger point is an excellent one: The idea of a social media marketplace where everyone freely interacts has taken a backseat to worshiping at the altar of the Twitter elite. In fact, Foremski notes, some 20,000 Twitter users account for 50 percent of all Tweets, even though there millions upon millions of users. The fact that the landscape is still dominated by media, social media mavens and celebrities tells Foremski that it isn’t quite as social as originally thought. Hard to argue that point, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be using the technology to help get your company’s message out.

Any tips for future roundups? You know how to tell us.

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