A Veritable Wealth Of Small Business Seminars

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If you haven’t whipped your way over to Small Business Trends, Indiana Jones-style, then you are missing out on a weekly bonanza of resources. A veritable treasure trove, even.

One of the most convenient innovations the Internet has brought to us are webinars, which combine the interactivity and information that traditional seminars offer without the requirement of travel. But whether you want to get educated on small business topics from the comfort of your desk or not, the list at Small Business Trends is hugely useful.

It’s updated weekly, so you have a good idea of what’s coming up, for one thing. It also gives you a flavor of what’s going on in cities across the United States, so you’re likely to find either an interesting topic or a seminar close by.

So check out the list and let us know if it was helpful. Planning to attend any of these events?

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