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I wanted to call your attention this fine Tuesday morning to a franchise news roundup over at BizEngine, which has some interesting items for your consideration.

A lot of recent franchise news has been at least cautiously optimistic, with a smattering of news about the charitable initiatives major franchises like McDonald’s and Starbuck’s have been involved in. You’ll find the latter in the roundup linked above, and I enjoy being able to deliver a little good news.

Unfortunately, the last item is less sunny. It appears that the capital needed for franchises isn’t going to materialize the way everyone hoped it would, and unless that’s changed, there could be a lot of jobs in the industry at stake. Thankfully, the International Franchise Association is pulling together a meeting next month to explore options, but we’re all going to have to do a lot of hoping in the near future.

We hope you found the news roundup useful. Let us know how your franchise is doing in the comments.


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