A Useful Franchise News Roundup For May 11

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McDonald’s Goes Upscale

I spent a couple hundred words on this yesterday, but it’s worth noting that McDonald’s won’t be the last company to do this. It also has benefits for franchisees. Make sure you give the longer article a read.

New Hotel Spaces

It used to be that hotel lobbies were a place to check in and enjoy a continental breakfast, and little else. That’s evolving, thanks to a major push by hotel chains such as Courtyard by Marriott and Hilton to create lobbies and other social spaces that invite guests to spend more time in them.

In a world where social barriers of all kinds are falling by the day, this kind of move makes an enormous amount of sense for hotels. Like McDonald’s, these hotels want to create spaces where guests feel comfortable lingering, whether it be for meetings or just chatting with friends or strangers. As with McDonald’s, time will tell if the approach is successful.

Prices Up At Chain Restaurants

After taking a couple of years off from price increases thanks to the recession we all enjoyed so tremendously, many restaurants are beginning to raise the costs of their menu items. Given that many fast food chains have extremely low prices to begin with, it’s a logical thing to do, and we’ll just have to see if consumers have the appetite (ha!) for it.

Some, like Chipotle, are taking their time making a decision, seeing if the market will bear out price increases. That may be a smart move, given the way the economy has see-sawed of late.

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