A Useful Franchise News Roundup For June 8

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A roundup of franchise news from around the nation and world. Enjoy!

Community Service Through Franchising

When we think of businesses performing community service, we tend to think of the small businesses and the non-profits. Yet it’s easy to forget that there’s a significant segment of the franchise industry that champions community causes.

For an example of that, it’s worth reading this New York Times account from Kristi Mailloux, the CEO of the Molly Maid franchise. She talks a bit about her industry as a whole and her own experience in Molly Maid, but she also talks about what the franchise has done to help with the scourge of domestic violence:

Molly Maid has chosen an end to domestic violence as our cause. Two years ago, I was at an employee’s20-year anniversary celebration when another employee pulled me aside to say how much she appreciated our efforts. She had been a victim of domestic violence herself and liked to take part in our annual drive to raise money for shelters.

One of the great things about franchises is that at the highest levels, you can select a cause that franchisees can then work on within their own local communities. That allows a franchise to become associated with a particular issue and provide help from the micro to the macro level in combating it. That’s both important and a savvy business move, so the Molly Maid example is worth considering.

Sobering Look At Small Business Hiring

We spend a lot of time on small business hiring here at BizEngine, because it’s an important issue. So it is with the appropriate amount of gravitas and a sense of the familiar that I give you this Washington Post report on jobs in America.

We all knew a jobs boom was unlikely, to say the least, but it is indeed sobering to see how little growth is actually happening. Franchises like McDonald’s—which set out earlier this year to add about 50,000 jobs in one day—are going to be key to at least pushing the needle in the right direction. Here’s hoping they/you can.

Hotels Match Music To Guests

The hotel industry is a hotbed of new practices, as chains across the country attempt to tailor their experiences to what guests want and like. Nobody bats 1.000 on that front, but at least they’re trying.

One of the latest innovations is being tested at Morgans and W chains, which are using music to help define the look and feel of their hotels. The music is supposed to match the sort of loose theme of the hotel, which in turn will help to attract a certain clientele to each hotel. I’ll be interested to see whether Morgans and W can put this one in the win column after trying it out for a while.

Nominate Your IFA Award Candidates

Know someone from the world of franchise who deserves to be honored by the International Franchise Association? Then you’ve got the chance to nominate them for a major award. If I made a reference to the leg lamp in A Christmas Story, would you forgive me?

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