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Small Business Going Mobile

Small Business Computing delivers trend news, and they’re predicting big things for tablet computers with seven inch screens. According to the linked article, those devices are small enough to be slipped into a pocket or bag, making them perfect for business on the go.

While Apple has larger tablets that might be less attractive for those purposes, the article suggests, they are making use of a new Apps for Business page to offer something more attractive to the company’s tablet users.

It’s clear that if you’re looking to take your business mobile, you’ve got more options than ever.

Stretching Your Content

HubSpot has some great advice for thinking about how you manage your content. If you’re someone who crams an entire article or presentation into a single blog post, you may be overdoing it.

Writer  Ellie Mirman outlines how she turned a single presentation into five pieces of content, including three blog posts, simply by focusing on specific portions of the presentation. You would be wise to see where you can do the same, which gives you an opportunity to write more comprehensively about the subject you choose and also get multiple pieces of content out of it.

Questioning Federal Help For Small Business

While small businesses have been pretty happy with U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner’s support of small business, there’s dissenting opinions on whether the methods Geithner is proposing are effective.

Market Talk writer John Shipman argues that while businesses need access to operating capital in these shaky economic times, that’s not going to save them. Only more business can do that, and that’s not always fixed by an influx of capital:

Seems pretty simple, but it’s really more business that small businesses need, not more capital, right now. And demand spurs innovation (remember necessity is the mother of invention?), not capital. Sounds like Geithner, and the White House, doesn’t get that.

Whether you agree or not, it’s an interesting argument.

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