A Section 179 Video From Direct Capital!

Section 179
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Even though you filed your personal taxes back on April 15, you won’t want to entirely forget about some of the tax breaks you can get. For your small business, Section 179 is among the best.

The popular deduction on equipment can save your business thousands of dollars, covers a wide range of equipment and will be up to $500,000 for 2013 only. That means you could get $500,000 worth of equipment for your small business growth with an effective lease and get a nice deduction for it. Tough to argue with that.

To help you better understand the great advantages of Section 179 in 2013, we turned to Direct Capital Vice President of Client Services Scott Lynch, a veteran of the financial industry who has helped many of our customers figure out how the deduction can work with them. We hope you’ll enjoy the video!


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