A Majority Of Vendors Report Increased Sales In 2011

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Recently at Direct Capital, we had the chance to survey a cross-section of vendors on a variety of topics. We’ll have a whole series on the the results in the weeks ahead.

We like to hear from our customers and readers at Direct Capital. I don’t think I’ve ever made a secret of that. So when we had the opportunity to reach out to vendors we work closely with recently, we leapt at it.

The end result? We have some data! For today, I wanted to touch briefly on an encouraging trend amongst vendors asked if their sales had increased in 2011. Here’s how the percentages shook out:

  • Increased: 55%
  • Flat: 24%
  • Decreased 21%

Ideally, those who said increased would number 100%, but we do not live in an ideal world. Instead, we live in an imperfect one, but one that’s apparently getting friendlier for vendors. Any time a majority says they’ve seen an uptick in sales, you’re talking about good news.

You have to consider that good news. While we’re in a surveying sort of mood, have your sales increased, decreased or remained flat this year thus far?

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