A June 24 Direct Capital Trend Report: Franchise

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Drawing on our in-house expertise, PointBlank will be chatting with segment managers and sales representatives at Direct Capital for enlightening looks at what’s going on in the world of finance. Today, we talk franchise with Vice President Matt Goyette.

Matt Goyette, Vice President at Direct Capital, has two simple words for franchises.

“Time’s up,” he said.

That comes from looming deadlines from franchisors, who want to see franchisees investing more in their brands in the year ahead.

“The general theme I see now is franchisors are saying ‘we’re not going to allow you to push back any more,'” Goyette said.”The time to re-invest in your brands is now.”

That means demand for franchise finance as franchisees gear up for everything from improvements to re-models to new site developments.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t remind you that Direct Capital has a wide variety of equipment and franchise financing, if you’re a franchisee who needs that to start investing more in your brand in the months ahead.

So that’s our trend report. What are you seeing in the world of franchise?

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