A Direct Capital Review: Conduit Express

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To understand how Direct Capital partners effectively with equipment dealers across America, you have to go right to their customers.

Vernon Armstrong is the owner of Conduit Express LLC, an Arizona excavator company that also installs both wet and dry utilities. He’s been in business for nine years, fighting through the lean years of the recession and now seeing the fruits of all the hard work. The company is now growing rapidly year over year, and Armstrong believes they’ll do $2 million in business for 2013.

Armstrong turned to Big Tex Trailers to get the trailer he needed for a contract, and through the partnership between Big Tex and Direct Capital , he was able to finance the equipment. Armstrong said he was won over quickly, and now plans to use the company’s financing to purchase a 500 gallon water wagon and potentially more trailers to handle the ever-increasing demand for new jobs.

Part of what appealed to Armstrong was the ease of working with Damian Tacito, Direct Capital Finance Manager, who he said was able to help him navigate the process. Leader also works directly with Jim Leader of Big Tex Trailers, who ensured he was able to drive off the lot with the new trailer.

“I enjoy working with Damian. He reacted to all our needs and took care of them,” he said. “You guys stepped up where the banks won’t lend. You can help small people out, you can keep small peoples’ communities alive.”

With easy access to financing and his relationship with Tacito, Armstrong said he’ll be back to work with Direct Capital again very soon.

“Like I said, you guys stepped up to the plate and helped us out,” Armstrong said. “It’s a great thing. I can’t say anything bad about your company.”