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It’s only been a couple of weeks since we unveiled the new-look PointBlank. I thought a primer on making your way through our championship-caliber blog might in order.

One of the chief reasons for the upgrade to the blog was to make it easier to get around. Those veterans of the old site may recall the long list of blog posts occurring directly until the post you were reading, and being able to only access a handful of articles at a time. It was workable, but we certainly think we’ve improved upon it.

That said, we want to help you get to our content easily and access what you want to read and see. With that in mind, here’s a three-point course in navigating our blog.

Top Bar

If you’re looking for our blog posts, you’re going to want to click on “Business Insights.” Under that, you can find four sub-categories, where we’ve sorted our posts into topics of interest. Direct Capital Talk, for example, will bring you news about our company and our efforts in the business world and our local communities, while Finance and Lending will take you to articles about the finance industry.

The remaining four buttons will bring you to some of the great services we offer here at Direct Capital, including working capital*, equipment finance and franchise finance. I highly suggest you explore them if you’re a small business, vendor or franchisee, as you may come to need them down the line, even if you don’t now.

Social Media and E-mail Subscription

As part of our commitment to making this site as navigation-friendly as possible, we’ve lined the upper right-hand corner with buttons. The big one on the left will take you to Feedburner for an e-mail subscription that delivers articles to your inbox daily, while the one on the right will take you to the EquipmentEngine marketplace.

Below that, you’ll find another RSS feed, our Twitter page, our Facebook page and our LinkedIn account. If you’re a first-time or frequent visitor to the blog, it’s worth your while to sign up for all of them, as we’ll be able to keep you updated on our content on a daily basis.

Front Page Navigation

If you’re just in the mood to browse, I highly recommend starting with our featured stories. Six of them are scrolling across the front page at any given time, and they’re invariably good reads. Shameless bit of self-promotion, there. My apologies.

From there, you can dig deeper by scrolling down and clicking on the two articles featured under each category, visit with the “recent posts” or try the bar on the side, where you can see the most commented on articles. It’s entirely up to your browsing style, but you at least have a lot of options.

Need more information on PointBlank, or want to offer feedback about the site? Leave us a comment!

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