A Collection Of Small Business News For May 4

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This news roundup comes to us courtesy of  BizEngine.

Survey Says Social Media Is Key

A survey of small business owners the country over by Social Media Examiner found that 7 in 10 strongly believe that social media is important for their continued success, a perception that has blossomed in recent years on the heels of Facebook and Twitter’s emergence as forces in larger society.

Among those surveyed, the most influential program was said to be Facebook, followed closely by Twitter and LinkedIn. For the moment, those remain the big three.

A Company Social Media Policy Is A Must

Not every business is social media-savvy, and not every business will be. If you have employees who use social media at all, though, you could probably use a policy for that.

The always helpful Intuit blog has a list of reasons why you should, most of which can be boiled down to one simple theme: It prevents employees from getting themselves and your company into trouble. Whether it’s complaining about a client or customer, badmouthing the company or revealing trade secrets on Twitter, employees who are unaware of the consequences of their actions can be.

Consider a plan, and consider the Intuit article a good springboard for that plan.

Coaching For Small Businesses

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Small Business Administration’s SCORE program and American Express OPEN are holding a series of workshops featuring 30 minutes of speed-coaching from SCORE representatives. The program will make its way around the country, with a total of five events from May 9 until October.

Check out the list if you’re interested in paying a visit to one of the workshops.


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