A Collection Of Small Business News For May 4

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Here’s a small business roundup courtesy of BizEngine. Enjoy!

SEC Wants To Be Biz Friendly

That’s what I take away from the news that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission will be reviewing fundraising rules for small businesses.

Opponents of the rules argue they damage access to working capital* for small businesses who so desperately need it. They apparently got the attention of the SEC, but there’s no word on how long those reviews will last. We’ll let you know if any changes come of it.

The Future Of Mobile Payments

Intuit is launching a system, GoPayment, which allows mobile payments. That’s not necessarily remarkable on its own, but what is fairly unique is that the service requires no credit cards.

The software is potentially perfect for a small business owner on the go, allowing the acceptance of payments, scanning inventory items and conducting other business from a phone or other mobile device. As an added bonus, using it requires you to basically fist bump the customer with your phone:

Accepting a mobile payment would require the merchant and customer to tap their phones together, thereby wirelessly transferring the payment from the consumer’s bank or credit card account. Scanning an item for inventory would require retailers to tap their phones against a product’s smart tag, thus downloading the information into the mobile payment software.

Intuit is championing the service in San Fransisco this week, so we should be hearing more about it in the near future. A very interesting possibility if you’re a small business owner.

A Small Biz Trend Report

I don’t have a ton of comment on this item, but it’s chock full of interesting trend information for the remainder of 2011. A highly recommended read.

The State Of The Franchise Industry

You really should read the IFA briefing that is slated to be posted at Franchise Essentials in the near future. Check it out when it goes live!

BizEngine Interview

Since we’re already borrowing the bulk of this post from BizEngine, I thought I’d link this interview with marketer and author Pam Lockard. Good read.

We hope you enjoyed today’s edition. Feel free to suggest content for next week’s Small Business Today in the comments.


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*Working capital not available in the following states: AK, DE, ND, VT