A Cautionary Tale About Technology’s Impact On Small Business

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Technology has improved our lives in countless ways. Ten years ago, for example, I could not swiftly look up recipes, directions and engage in an online debate. Heck, I wouldn’t have this job. I heart technology.

Yet the dark side of the rapid evolution is that traditional businesses are left to rapidly adapt or be destroyed. A classic example of that is “brick and mortar” bookstores, both small and chains like Borders, which are in danger of dying out both at home and abroad. As someone who spent large swathes of his childhood reading and rolling through bookstores, this is a sad time.

What this comes down to is a recognition of the market, and an adaption process that some businesses simply cannot or will not take on. If you’ve been selling books out of a store for the last three decades, it may be impossible to conceive of a world where people would much rather shop online and have the books delivered to their homes. Yet that’s exactly what’s happening.

The lesson, as always, is to ensure you’re not left behind by whatever technology boom is coming next. Keep in mind that burying your head in the sand will keep you worry-free for a little while, but it can’t save your business.

How is your business keeping up with technology? Let us know!

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