9 Reasons Why Leasing Makes Sense for Your Customers

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Help Your Customer Get the Products They Need Fast

Running into customers who are wary about purchasing your equipment or technology up front is not uncommon. They may be concerned about the initial expense or commitment of the purchase, making the decision to do business with you pretty tough.

But, if there was a way you could bypass that initial hesitance and give them no reason to be wary of the commitment, wouldn’t you do it? If your answer is yes, then Direct Capital has a solution for you.

Giving your customers the option to lease equipment could be the deciding factor; the push that turns a non-buyer into a satisfied customer for life. That’s why it’s important to educate them on the benefits of leasing early on. And we’re here to help with that too!

Why You Should Offer Financing to Your Customers

  1. Fast product turnaround: As fast as you can make the equipment or technology available to them is how fast we can finance it. Your customers’ productivity depends on updated, working equipment and with a lease, they won’t have to wait to use those products. They can just start driving in revenue!
  2. Predictable monthly payments: The cost of technology and equipment often fluctuates which means your customers can’t plan or budget for that purchase. A lease, on the other hand, is a steady month-to-month payment. Your customers will have the ability to budget early and will never have to deal with surprises or variability in their payments.
  3. Soft costs are included: Most financing lending partners (like Direct Capital) will include soft costs – like delivery, installation, and training – in the finance agreement. This could be a deal breaker for them, so ensure they know those costs won’t be coming out of pocket.
  4. Worry-free disposal: When the technology your customer purchases is no longer needed, they’ll have to dispose of it – a lengthy, complicated process; one they probably don’t have time for. Leasing the technology removes that step for them, freeing up their time to focus on their business and customers.
  5. Keep cash reserves free: Paying for equipment or technology can be a huge burden on your customers. The cash flow they have on hand is reserved to be used for other business needs, like payroll and marketing. With a lease agreement, they can keep those cash reserves free and clear to use for those expenses, while continuing to reap the benefits of the leased equipment.
  6. Stay ahead of the competition: Leasing the newest or fastest technology will give your customers a clear edge over their competition. If their competitors don’t have the same access to the new technology or equipment, your customers will remain light-years ahead.
  7. They can stay up-to-date: Your customers won’t be afraid of obsolescence as leasing gives them the chance to hand their purchase back at the end of the lease and upgrade to the next best thing. Technology is constantly changing and your customers can take comfort knowing they have the chance to change with it.
  8. Flexible payment options: Most lenders (including Direct Capital) will offer flexible terms, from 1 to 6 years, so your customers can begin to use the technology or equipment they’re leasing before it’s entirely paid off. At Direct Capital, we take flexibility one step further. We allow our customers to choose their terms, even if they aren’t traditional. 16 months? 56 months? Sure! Your financing, your way.
  9. Reap tax benefits: A customer’s entire lease payment can often be deducted as an operating expense in the period in which it’s paid. This, then, provides the benefit of reducing the overall cost of the lease. But, since we are not tax experts we suggest discussing this and other tax benefits with your financial advisor.

And if those 9 nine reasons to offer financing weren’t enough, we have one more for you: Offering fast, affordable financing will help boost sales. So what are you waiting for?

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