6 Ways to be More Productive in the Morning

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A Healthy Morning Ritual Will Give You an Energy Boost

We all have those days when you just can’t wake yourself up; when the sun is up, the clock is ticking by, and yet you stay right where you are. This doesn’t happen because you don’t love your job or you don’t want to go to work. Sometimes, jumping into your morning routine is just plain difficult.

Maybe it’s time to switch it up and do something new in the morning to get yourself moving and feel even more productive by lunch time.

The Best Ways to Get More Work Done Each Day

Direct Capital specializes in helping small businesses any way we can. When you need someone in your corner to keep you going and on the path to success, we’ll be there. With these tips, you’ll see why increased day-to-day productivity all starts with what you do each morning.

  1. Have a healthy morning ritual: Instead of making your phone the first thing you grab in the morning, or pouring yourself a cup of coffee, try to do something different. suggests a morning stretch, dancing in front of a mirror (if you like that sort of thing), or even something as simple as making the bed. Instead of coffee, try a cup of warm water with lemon, as it gives you a more natural kick and keeps your energy levels high. Also, always remember to eat a healthy breakfast. Just because you’re used to always being on-the-go, doesn’t mean it’s the best way to start your day.
  2. Review your plan for the day…: At the end of each work day, you should write down a list of your goals for the next day. Then, once at work, take a look at that list and have a good understanding of what high-priority tasks you need to complete in order to call it a successful day.
  3. …Then take a breath: We know your day might look daunting, but it’s best to kill a bad attitude early on. Try to take a breath and de-stress, knowing that you will complete everything you have on your plate.
  4. Finish one to-do list item right away: Don’t worry about email or other typical daily tasks that will set you back an hour or two. Choose one item off that goal list and immediately work on it from start to finish. You will feel accomplished early on and it will give you a push to get even more done the rest of your day.
  5. Check email, news, and voicemails: Once you’ve completed that one task, go ahead and jump on email, read the news, or answer those voicemails, but limit yourself. Don’t live on email, read the headlines on only one news website, and call back the most important or pressing people. The more you get caught up in these tasks, the less productive you’ll ultimately feel.
  6. Reward yourself: Choose one high-priority item from your list and reward yourself for getting it done before lunch. Whether it’s taking a walk to the nearby coffee shop, a mini shopping spree, or something else – knowing there’s a proverbial carrot at the end of the stick can be a good motivator.

A 2012 study showed not only that early risers felt happier and healthier than night owls, but that they were more successful in the business world. At Direct Capital, we’re firm believers in having a healthy morning ritual matched with a ready-to-go attitude – and we’ll help you get there.

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