6 Habits You Need to Stop Today

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Have you ever heard the phrase: “Your greatest enemy is yourself”? If you have, there might be more to it than you think. Without even knowing, you yourself can be your worst enemy by underestimating your talents and skills. So rather than having you unknowingly travel on a path towards self-destruction, we’ve created a list to help you recognize those hindering habits and maximize your chances on having great opportunities.

  1. You worry too much about what others think.
    It is basic human nature to want to be liked. But when your own opinion and principles slip away and you start adopting opinions others want you to have, you are ultimately harming yourself. Just remember that it’s more valuable to be an original version than to be a copy.
  2. Negativity surrounds you.
    Be sure to stick with positive people and make sure they are the ones who you chose to be in company with. The truth is… there will always be someone who is more than happy to eliminate someone else’s success. Usually, this is because they are trying to mask their own failure. Instead of following their lead, stick close to the colleagues that think the glass is half full
  3. You trust everyone, except yourself.
    There’s nothing wrong with challenging your instincts, after all it’s your intuition, not anyone else’s. However, it’s when you start constantly double-guessing yourself that it becomes a problem. You’ve gained different talents from yours of experience, sometimes it’s okay to sit back and trust your work.
  4. You create your own limits.
    Stop telling yourself that you don’t deserve to succeed. Like your intuition, your thoughts and dreams belong to you. Keep an eye on your horizon; all that space is for all of your achievements.
  5. Curiosity no longer exists.
    Ever hear the phrase “curiosity killed that cat”? Well we haven’t found any friends or family of this cat so it’s safe to say that it is a myth. Don’t live your life through this phrase. If you do, you’ll only be holding yourself back. Always keep your mind active by trying to discover with the unknown.
  6. Not speaking up.
    If you silence yourself from saying or asking what you want, it can be confused as being ignorant by others and even yourself. Always be open, and say what you want or what is on your mind. Your opinion defines you.

 We hope that these 6 habits have resonated with you and will be eliminated from your daily routine. If there are any other habits that need to be stopped, let us know what didn’t make the list.