5 Ways to Be Healthier at Work

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Forget the 3:00 Slump – Just Stand Up

We know we called them “Not-Resolutions” about a month back, but let’s face it: Everyone sets personal goals for themselves in the New Year, and many of those goals have to do with making themselves healthier.

So let us ask: Have you fallen short on your New Year’s Resolution? Did you start off strong, hitting the gym every night after work and doing your best to eat healthy, only to succumb to the realities of being a business owner and the craziness that it brings?

If so, don’t worry. Get your mind back into a state of readiness and use these 5 tips to get healthier while at work.

How to: Stay Healthy at Work

  1. Get a treadmill for your office: Or, better yet, find some space to put in an office gym. If there’s a conference room you aren’t using or an area of the building that’s filled with (for lack of a better word) junk, clean it out and consider putting in a mini gym for you and your employees. This will serve as a great place for you to go on your lunch break to exercise, but it’s also a nice perk when introducing new potential hires to your company. And the best part is you can finance this entire purchase through Direct Capital. Whether you want just a treadmill for your personal office, or you want to add an entire workout room, we’ve got you covered. With our equipment financing and working capital finance options, getting healthier has never been easier.
  2. Stand up more: Being “healthy” doesn’t just mean eating right and working out. By standing up more while working (instead of sitting down at your desk all day), you are benefiting from better circulation and posture, which in turn makes you feel more alert and ready to get moving. In addition, standing up helps with the mid-day lethargy that you often experience. Forget the 3:00 slump. Just stand up and be ready to work on that project you keep meaning to get started. Need proof that this works? Business Insider did a study and reported that, “Compared to a period of time when a person was not using the standing desk, we found that standing up led to 10% more productivity.”
  3. Make a daily/weekly/monthly plan: Sounds silly, right? How will making a plan help you be and feel healthier? Well, when you are stressed about something, you might feel the need to eat unhealthy snacks. It’s a natural reaction. So, by taking some time to really sit and think about what you want to accomplish that day, week, and/or month, you’ll be more likely to find comfort in sticking to that schedule, eliminating any stress eating.
  4. Be aware of the foods you’re bringing to work: We understand that you’re busy, but taking some time to really gather better foods for lunch and midday snacks can make a huge difference. Bringing a whole bag of chips will entice you to snack all day, whereas a handful of grapes or pretzels will force you to stop when the selected portion is gone. Making yourself a healthy lunch the night before will also help save you some money on take out lunches. And keep this tidbit in mind – eating healthy at work can actually increase your productivity. A study published in the Population Health Management journal found that, “Eating unhealthily is linked with a 66% increased loss of productivity.” This decrease in productivity, the research suggests, is highest in people between the ages of 30 and 39. So, if you find yourself a little behind on your responsibilities, remember all it might take is a little change in your eating habits.
  5. Schedule 15-minute breaks: It’s important to step away from your work and your computer a few times a day. Set reminders on your calendar or phone and when you see that pop up, go outside, take a walk around the inside of your building, or grab a cup of coffee. It doesn’t matter what you do, just that you do it. A study in a journal titled Cognition found that failing to take breaks can lead to stress and exhaustion. So, take those 15 minutes for yourself. It will leave you feeling refreshed, and improve your emotional health, which is just as important as physical.

It’s time to get back in tune with that New Year’s Resolution and, this time, you’ll show it who’s boss.

Direct Capital is always providing tips to small business owners, and we encourage you to learn more about it on our website. And, if you are looking to finance some fitness equipment, don’t hesitate to call our office today at 866-777-0117!