5 Tips on How to Manage Tough Clients

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With the Holidays quickly approaching, everyone is excited for the hustle and bustle. However, clients have a deadline for their personal lives as well as their business. Sometimes, one will over-lap the other causing stress when they just don’t have time to do things like holiday shop.

At Direct Capital, we’ve compiled a list on how to keep your cool and make all your customers (or at least most of them) happy in the end.

  1. Understand their point of view. The customer is always going to set standards. You know yours, but do you know theirs? Even if you think you might, it’s always good to double check. Hear them out and really listen to what is being said, rather than waiting for your turn to speak. You’ll calm the client down and find a solution to the problem.
  2. Make sure that solution is beneficial to both of you. Have the client warm up to you by speaking in a language which appeals to them. Usually when caught up in a hairy situation, it’s all too easy to feel victimized or misunderstood. In order to strive forward, you need to Invent a Solution that benefits you and your client. Dishonesty won’t pass well with the client; the same would apply for you as well.
  3. Be aware of biases you have. When reaching a breaking point, it’s easy to snap at people. Everyone has their own tipping point; the key is to know what is affecting the situation. We all have biases, but being aware and dealing with them is better than ruining a client relationship for good.
  4. Be specific. The number one way to add fuel to the fire is by making vague promises. Instead, create a checklist and an action plan of how the problem will be fixed. You can bet the next time the customer is in your business, they’ll be taking note of whether or not you made true on those promises.
  5. Learn to swallow pride. Not taking heed to any of the points above can lead to ruining the experience with the client. A bad experience can lead to losing the customer, or worse – having them leave a negative review online about your company. This tarnishes your credibility and lowers the possibility of gaining new clients. Instead take a breath, swallow your pride, and complete the transaction in a professional manner.

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