5 Small Business Phone System Mistakes and How They Are Costing You Money

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How To Avoid Common Phone System Mistakes

If you are a frequent visitor of our blog, then chances are you understand the value and importance of keeping your small business technology up to date – And utilizing that technology to help drive revenue.

It’s great if you update your business to the newest, most technologically advanced POS systems on the market. But if you aren’t utilizing all of their functionalities, are you really benefiting?

The same goes with your phone systems. Having a working, high-tech phone at your business is something you know you need, but knowing how to use it properly is just as important.

So Direct Capital wants to help you avoid these 5 common small business phone mistakes that you may not realize are costing you money.

  1. Choosing the wrong phone number: You want your business to be high-profile and well known. So, when you started your business you may have considered creating a vanity phone line that customers would remember – something like 1-800-YOUR-BIZ. But, you have to consider your audience. If you’re a local business, customers want you to stay local. You will be much better suited – and better remembered by your customers – if you stick with a local area code in your phone number.
  2. Not making pre- or post-sale phone calls: This can go one of two ways. First, you don’t want to miss out on opportunities to hit your customers, which is why calling them before and after you launch an email or direct mail campaign is crucial. By the time the post-sale phone call reaches them, they’ll be dying to do business with you. The other way is not properly delegating pre- and post-sale calls in-house. If a customer is calling with a pre-sale question right before they buy, but you’re tied up with a post-sale customer, you could lose out on some significant revenue. Try implementing an automatic call menu into your phone system, where sales questions or placing an order can be directed to one member of your team, and help with existing orders can go to another.
  3. Have an “After Hours” system in place: You don’t want your cell phone to ring at all hours of the night, but you also don’t want your customers waiting on the other end of a line that won’t be answered. A good solution is playing an automated voicemail message instructing customers what they can do to get in touch. This will differ depending on the type of business you own, but it could be: Leave a message, send an email, fill out an inquiry form online, call back during normal business hours, etc. Always let them know in the message that you’re sorry you missed them and will return their call as soon as you get back in the office. (And make sure you really do call them back!)
  4. Always answer the phone: When the office is open, you never want customers to be directed to a voicemail. This sends a bad message. We understand you and your staff get busy, but it’s a good idea to make sure your phone system has a “call waiting” feature. This allows your employees to answer any number of calls that you receive and place the caller on hold. This way, your customer knows a live person is on the other end of the line and that a representative will be with them shortly.
  5. Test, test, test: Chances are, there will be times when you need to implement a new phone number or re-route numbers to a different line. When you do this, always test your phone lines to ensure they are going to the proper place. For example, if you need a line to go straight to customer service and instead it’s hitting the sales team, customers and employees will be very confused. Another issue could be that the phone just rings without anyone on the other end to pick it up. Find out where any discrepancies are and work to fix them before pushing the phone number live.

Being aware of these common phone system mistakes and working to fix them will make sure you aren’t missing out on sales opportunities. It will also keep your customers from becoming frustrated, and ultimately making a call to your competitor.

Direct Capital is your small business partner and is here to help you see success, increase revenue, and enjoy a bright future ahead. We’re also here if you need help implementing any new technology – like upgraded phone systems – with our small business loan program.

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