4 Small Business “Not-Resolutions” to Make 2015 Remarkable

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Why Setting Smaller Goals is Important

The art of making a New Year’s resolution isn’t for everyone.  A Static Brain report shows that about 45% of Americans make resolutions, and only 8% of them are successful in achieving them.

In that same report, they show that 47% of the resolutions made involve self-improvement. While that’s admirable, none of their reported top resolutions – weight loss, getting organized, saving more money, quit smoking, etc. – have a clearly defined end goal.

Without having a clear picture of what their goals are, why they are setting them, and how specifically they will achieve them, it’s no surprise many people are unsuccessful in accomplishing their resolutions. But that’s still what we call them – New Year’s Resolutions.

So stop making New Year’s Resolutions and start making and sticking to your “Not-Resolution.” A Not-Resolution, as we’re calling it, is a smaller, concrete goal you set for yourself and your business – but without all the resolution pitfalls that set you up for quick and certain failure.

What are some Not-Resolutions you can set for your business? Here’s our list:

  1. Increase Q1 revenue by ‘X’ amount: Instead of just saying you want to increase the total revenue your company brings in this year (who wouldn’t want that?) set a goal for yourself of increasing just Q1. Go back into your records and see what worked for you in Q1 of 2014, or what didn’t, and discover what you can do to hit your goal. Once that’s done, set another for Q2. Who cares if it’s not New Year’s anymore? Keep on hitting those goals one at a time.
  2. Read a business book this month cover-to-cover: If you are looking to become a better leader, a better business owner, or just want to learn more about your industry, choose one book to help you and stick with it from start to finish. Then rinse and repeat for the rest of the year. If it helps, keep a notebook of all the books you read and what your key takeaways were for each.
  3. Implement new technology by the end of Q2: Why not aim high? If you have your sights set on finishing a project by the middle of 2015, chances are it will – or will almost – be completed by the date you set.  Be bold and constantly strive to be the leader in your industry with new products, technology, or ideas.
  4. Give a certain number of performance reviews a month: Depending on the size of your company and how many employees you have, the number of monthly reviews will differ, but let’s say you have 20. Set the goal of giving 2 reviews a month. This will help your employees feel appreciated and show them that the work they are doing isn’t going unnoticed. It will also help them see when/if they missed the mark on something and what they can do to improve, and help you weed out the employees that aren’t positive assets to your company.

By setting smaller benchmarks for yourself this New Year’s, you’ll see productivity increase and feel better when you successfully achieve your “Not-Resolutions.”

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  1. Thanks for the article Alex. I’m moving on to growth goals for this year as I’ve found the answer to ending a chaotic, floundering business. Honestly, I just didn’t have enough time to run everything in my business the way I wanted. I dreamed of my company being full of “mini-me’s” but didn’t know how to make it happen. Then I found a great book called, “System Busters: How to stop them in your business.” The author has “walked the talk” by creating comprehensive systems throughout for over 10 years in his own successful commercial printing business. He has fully systematized his business to run it the way HE wants! I was surprised how efficient, productive and freeing of his time this approach provided. Anyway, thanks for writing the above article! Happy New Year!

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