4 Mobile Apps No Vendor Should Live Without

Sales Apps for Vendors
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If you’re a vendor, you’re constantly on the move and constantly on the phone. If you’re not using mobile apps, you’re not taking advantage of everything your phone can do for you.

That’s the simple premise behind this post. Selling to other businesses is often a complicated and difficult process, very different than dealing with traditional customers who don’t have the same kind of stakes in the transaction that a business does. Anything you can do to put their minds at ease and make your sales pitch and sales process easier is a boost.

With that in mind, I’ve cobbled together a list of four of the best mobile phone apps in the market today for vendors. Know that I meditated on a mountain for many nights to bring you this list.


If you use AppWorld, this tool pulls reports and stats from the service and can hook you up with other useful new apps. It’s kind of an all-in-one service that way, and despite the fact that it looks pretty primitive, it has great potential to help you manage a lot of data.

The one caveat? It’s only for Blackberry. If you have one, though, it’s an excellent fit.


Developed in-house here at Direct Capital, FinanceQuote is a simple way to calculate equipment lease payments for your customers from your phone. From there, it’s possible to e-mail it to them for further review, save reports and even have a Direct Capital finance manager follow up with the customer and help them figure out a financing plan. It’s also available for both iPhones and Androids.

It’s a great sales tool because you can quickly and confidently predict what your customer will need to pay and, if they’re going to need financing, get them on the right path.


Besides having a wonderfully fun name, Schlumberger has come up with one of the coolest apps in the business, one that will undoubtedly be copied. The provider of oil and gas equipment has an app that lets you…actually test our their drills. Seriously. They call it Powerdrive Archer.

Okay, it’s not a 1:1 simulation, but it lets you see how the drills react in a simulation on your iPhone or iPad. You can try them out in different drilling surfaces and get a sense of what might be a good fit for your business. And even if you’re not in oil and gas, wouldn’t you feel better about signing up for equipment financing if you knew what the product you were getting was actually going to be capable of doing?

Again, this is likely to be copied, and that’s a great thing.

Sales Compass

It’s not exactly vendor specific, but this app can give you a sense of how your competitors are pricing products and what that means for your business. It’s a smart get if you can afford it.

How many of these apps do you currently use?

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