3 Tips to Avoid the Back-to-Work Blues After a 3-Day Weekend

The post-holiday blues
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Chances are you’ve had the long weekend on your mind all day and you’re ready to get out and enjoy the sun. However, I bet you haven’t thought about the dreaded post-holiday blues that await you on Tuesday.

You might say, “Of course I haven’t, Biz. No one thinks about coming back to work before they even leave for the weekend.” And while that might be true, taking a couple minutes to read these tips will help ensure you are ready to get back to the grind on Tuesday, re-energized, revitalized and most importantly, with a plan in place to jump start your week.

Come in Early
It might seem a bit aggressive, but you will thank yourself later. You know work starts with or without you, so you might as well get a leg up and get into the office earlier than normal. This helps you catch up on everything before the work day even begins. (It also helps you avoid getting distracted by everyone else.) Take this time to plan your short week, create your to-do list and get your schedule in the books before anyone else has even brushed their teeth.

Don’t Start with Email
Did you know that creativity spikes an hour or two after you wake up? Don’t spend that time wasting your creative juices on reading emails. If there is a project you want to crush in July, start planning and executing on that. If you are looking for new and innovative marketing techniques, focus on that. Emails are always going to be there looking right back at you, but if you can use your creativity to your advantage first thing in the morning, your business will thank you for it. (Also, talk about an energy suck!)

Fix Your Attitude
We all know the struggle – all you can think about the day after a three-day weekend is that you were sitting on the beach less than 24 hours ago and here you are now, wondering why time is so unrelenting. It’s tough, but setting your mind and attitude straight before Tuesday is paramount to productivity. Yes, it’s important to relax and enjoy your weekend, but training yourself to flip the switch will save you from the dreaded post-holiday lull and the wasted time that inevitably follows.

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