3 Reasons To Make Those Computer Upgrades Now

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If there are more frustrating yet vital workplace devices on this spinning globe than computers, then I don’t know about them.

Computers are necessary for data entry, e-mail, word processing, SEO, online marketing, advertising design and a thousand other tasks in between. In today’s modern world, it’s nigh impossible to survive without them.

I can see you nodding along, reader. So why do so many small businesses put off computer upgrades indefinitely?

The Why

For most small businesses, it’s simple. They figure they can get by with older computers, overcoming any slowness and loss of productivity and using that money toward better purposes. There are certainly times where this approach winds up making a lot of sense, especially if you don’t have a lot of money to begin with.

There’s also the piecemeal approach. That’s where you replace machines one at a time, which gives a handful of employees a boost while the other lag behind. Unfortunately, it’s too often the CEO who gets the new computer instead of, I dunno, the tech team. That’s not a smart way to upgrade.

Here’s three good reasons to take care of your computers now, before they get older.

3 Reasons To Upgrade

  • The loss of productivity. Every minute you spend waiting for a slow computer to load, for it to unfreeze or just through the processing time is a minute you’re not working. On a really slow computer, you could be talking a half hour a day down the drain.
  • The benefits of an upgrade. You can run newer programs, boost employee productivity and communicate more quickly. Those are all benefits when you’re trying to stay ahead of the pack.
  • It’s not as expensive as you think. You can snag laptops for your employees that are plenty fast and handle all the basic functions your business needs for $300 or less, and if you’re a really small firm, that means it can cost you as little as a couple of thousand dollars. Why bother fighting with outdated machines when you can make a change for such a small investment?

If you need help financing those upgrades, be sure to check out Direct Capital. How old are your computers?

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