3 Important Lessons This Big Event Can Teach You About Business

Reading Time: 2 minutes

We are almost half way through the biggest sporting events in the world, and so far we have seen some amazing accomplishments and incredible athletic tenacity that has driven us all to say “Wow, can he or she be stopped?”

While the majority of us won’t ever make it to that scale, we can take some cues from the Games and relate it back to our business and everyday life. Here are three lessons to take away.

Train Your Team

It’s important that you build a winning team and you help them focus on the right prize or goal. For example, imagine the U.S. soccer team. Now imagine if two out of the 11 members on the field knew what position they played. It wouldn’t make for a very successful team, would it? Yet, in a survey that polled 23,000 employees across varied industries, only 1 in 5 had a clear line of sight between their tasks and company goals. Setting a clear goal with clear expectations is an equation for a successful team.

Respect – but don’t copy – your Competition

It doesn’t matter how much you watch Michael Phelps – if you try and do what he does movement for movement, you won’t be able to keep up. It might seem like a good idea to wait to see what your competition is doing and then copy it. However, they have different strengths and attributes that contribute to that success, and they might not be the same ones that you and your company have. Instead, you can analyze what makes them successful and bring it back to your own core values, experience, team and talent, and make it work for you.

Capitalize on Your Strengths

In the end, your strengths are going to drive your success. Always look to innovate, grow and constantly improve your team, product and process. Don’t neglect what you are good at because you’re good at it. Take that attribute and bring it to the next level.

Brazil is already full of success stories, and your business can be right there with them – just keep your eyes on the gold medal!