Who Is The Small Business Candidate?

2012 Election Poll from Direct Capital
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We asked our small business customers one simple question: “Which candidate would be better for small business over the next four years as President?”

Over 2,600 small businesses from across the country answered our Direct Capital poll. The results? Some 1,891 (72% of respondents) went for former Massachusetts Governor and Republican Mitt Romney, against 725 (28%) for current Democratic President Barack Obama.

With the election one day away, we wanted to share those results with you. Remember how important your vote is and be sure to head to the polls to support the candidates for office at every level that you feel will be most beneficial to your small business.

As a trusted small business finance firm with a national footprint, we have an unique ability to talk to small businesses and tap into their opinions, triumphs and issues. This poll is just one example of the way we’re able to connect, and we’re proud to present the results to you.

Weigh in down in the comments on which candidate you think is better for small business, and be sure to tune in tomorrow for our all-day election live blog!


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