A Look At The 2012 Domino’s Worldwide Rally

Domino's Worldwide Pizza Rally
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Direct Capital has a pair of correspondents at the 2012 Domino’s Worldwide Rally. They’ve shared a few observations with us that we’d like to pass on to you.

For Domino’s, the last couple of years have been hugely successful. That’s what happens when you re-invent your pizza, add menu items and kick off the most effective marketing campaign the franchise industry has seen since Subway first introduced the affable Jared to the American public.

So it’s little surprise that the mood at the 2012 Domino’s Worldwide Rally in Las Vegas, Nevada is bordering on buoyant. The word that seems to be swirling around our correspondents is “growth,” and it’s not hard to see why.

For those who don’t remember, Domino’s re-invention of its pizza came after years of lackluster sales and a waning interest in their core product. The overall made for a tastier pie, and the marketing push that followed helped to create an explosion in the company’s market share and contribute to the growth that has continued ever since.

What Lies Ahead

Our correspondents say the company and its many franchisees expect new stores, an increase in carry out business, a fresh look for Domino’s signage and potentially much more. That’s an ambitious plan for the next seven months, but you won’t see Domino’s thinking it’s anything less than realistic. They have both confidence and the means to back it up in spades.

Will there be more products coming? Given the corporate kitchen’s extreme productivity of late, don’t rule it out. In fact, it wouldn’t even kick my eyebrow up a notch at all if they’re working on something new and exciting as I write this.

The rally wraps up later today, but we’ll hopefully have a full report from our correspondents in the field sometime next week.

What are your thoughts on Domino’s efforts in 2012 and the company’s future?

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