10 Questions to Ask a Financial Provider, Part One

Reading Time: 2 minutes

 Customer Satisfaction Our Top Priority

Scott Lynch, Vice President of Client Services, discusses the top ten questions you should ask your financial provider. Scott will break down questions one through four in this video and part two will be coming shortly. Stay tuned!

1. What level of customer service will my customers receive?

This question is something that’s near and dear to Direct Capital. Why? Well, unlike most companies, we care about the process and about the people. We understand that it’s the people who drive the business, so we make it a priority to ensure our customers’ experiences are remarkable.

2. How flexible are your terms?

The terms you receive should be flexible to your need and you should be able to maximize cash flow while generating revenue from the equipment. If it doesn’t sound like something your financial provider can do for you, you may be looking in the wrong place. For years, Direct Capital has been perfecting products so our customers can maximize their cash flow and get them in a situation where they can buy the equipment, generate revenue, make monthly payments, and increase their business in the process.

3. How easy is the application process?

If you aren’t new to this type of thing, you’ve probably heard providers in the past say there’s a one-two page application process and that it normally takes at least 48 hours. But, the fact of the matter is, the application should only be six or seven pieces of information. That’s all you need from a commercial credit stand point – and that’s all Direct Capital will ever ask you for.

4. How competitive are your rates?

This is a valid question, and it’s one we often get from customers. The financial provider has to understand the rate environment that they’re in when talking about commercial credit. And of course it’s also important for them to know what your needs are. Direct Capital, again, focuses on customer satisfaction which is why we provide fast, fair, and flexible terms.

For more information on financing with Direct Capital, visit our website today. And don’t forget to check out our Part 2 coming soon!