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resources to write a business plan

53 Awesome Business Plan Resources: Templates, Software and Free Articles to Create a Killer Business Plan for Your Small Business

October 1, 2014, No comments

Small business hyperbole rebounds off every corner of the World Wide Web, but it’s particularly strong when it comes to planning advice: “ ...


National Coffee Day Contest Winner

September 30, 2014, No comments

Direct Capital Loves Coffee and Helping Small Businesses! On Monday, September 29, coffee lovers everywhere celebrated National Coffee Day. Before you ...


Benefits of Leasing Medical Equipment

September 26, 2014, No comments

The Importance of Having the Right Medical Equipment When You Need It The longer you wait for something, often the more of a problem it becomes. This ...


How to Solve Cash Flow Problems: 24 Experts Reveal Top Tips for Fixing Small Business Cash Flow Issues

September 24, 2014, 3 Comments

In a world of credit cards, e-payments, and Paypal, it is easy to forget the importance of cash. From payroll and taxes, insurance, costs of sales and ...


The Best Hospitality Degrees: Announcing the Top Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD Degree Programs in Hotel and Restaurant Management

September 23, 2014, No comments

A career in hospitality management is perfect for people who enjoy working with others while meeting the challenges of a fast-paced, diverse, and dyna ...


The Top Brands of Every State

September 22, 2014, 25 Comments

Coke or Pepsi? McDonald’s or Burger King? Brands are all around us, everywhere you look. From the aisles of the grocery store to the billboards on t ...


Top 50 Construction Management Blogs

September 17, 2014, No comments

Construction management, or construction project management, is an umbrella term to capture all that construction managers do while they plan, coordin ...

most common characteristics of successful small business owners

What are the Most Common Traits of Successful Small Business Owners? 50 Experts Reveal the Top Characteristics

September 16, 2014, 3 Comments

Every year, there are millions of small business professionals who attempt to make it work in their own small business ventures. Armed with a great bu ...


Top Free Money Management Courses & Webinars for Small Business Owners

September 9, 2014, 4 Comments

Beat Out Your Competition with Money Management Education Today’s small business owners and entrepreneurs face more challenges than ever before, ...